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Jan 2, 2013 10:14 AM

Beer for Diabetics?

Yeah, I know. Seems like a loopy question, but a few years back I seem to remember seeing a bottled micro-brew from one of the smaller, artisinal producers here in Quebec, that was billed on the label as being brewed for diabetics. No clue as to what would have been different, and (of course) I can't remember the name of the beer. Anybody know of any such product?

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  1. Yo Haggisboy,
    I don't remember a Quebec microbrew billed as a diabetics brew. In fact I never saw any type geared for this market, although Australia seems to have it

    I'm not up on diabetes, but when I think "diabetic", I think of
    sugars/glucose/carbohydrates, and the body's problem of properly handling them.
    So I'm guessing that a diabetic might be looking for a low-carb beer - kinda like the Sleeman clear with 2.5g of carbs (Molson Ultra and Labatt Sterling both have 2.5g of carbs as well). This seems to be the idea behind the Ozzie marketing...

    I assume alcohol might change a person's blood glucose level as well, so I assume a diabetic would be looking for a beer balanced in carb vs alcohol.
    But again, I don't know anything about it....

    1. I have a vague memory of this beer being featured at the semi recent beer tasting at Atwater market (held in October I think?)

      It might be a bit cumbersome, but you could research each of the brewers on the list? However, I should add, I am definitely not 100% sure that there was a diabetic beer available, maybe someone else who went along could confirm?