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New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

Wappingers has had a couple of restaurants open within the last month or so, so I figured I'd report on the ones I've tried.

Mexicali Blue - Located in the plaza with Bad Ass Coffee and Giacamo's, off of Route 9. It's the same owners as the location in New Paltz, but with more seating. I've tried both a chicken and a steak burrito and they were both delicious with fresh tasting ingredients. They have a variety of hot sauces for you to choose from. People rave about the fish tacos and burritos at the New Paltz location so I'll have to try that next! They serve beer and wine.

Nemmi's - On Route 9D, where Lily Logan's used to be. It's an Indian restaurant. I got takeout from there one night - chicken vindaloo and garlic naan. The vindaloo was very spicy and tasty. I tried the lunch buffet there as well. It was $10.95 and all of the dishes offered were very good. They had maybe 2-3 chicken dishes, a lamb or goat dish, 2 vegetable dishes, two types of appetizers (pakora and something else), salad, plenty of condiments, naan brought to your table, and 2 desserts (gulab jamun and that shredded carrot dessert). A nice alternative to Tanjore in Fishkill, although I still give Tanjore the slight edge. I haven't been there in awhile, though. They also serve alcohol, I believe they have a full bar.

Billy Joe's Ribworks Outpost has also opened on Route 9 in Wappingers, although I haven't tried it yet. I imagine it will be the same as Billy Joe's in Newburgh in terms of quality, but obviously the view is part of the reason for going to the original Billy Joe's so I don't know that I'd go to this place much.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm in that area a few days a month and look forward to trying some new restaurants.

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      Have you tried Palace Dumpling yet? It's fab. So good that we went three times in two weeks... and we live an hour away! Yeah, we're crazy like that. We noticed some of the spots mentioned by the OP, but just kept driving to Palace Dumpling!

      Here's a post on it, complete with some dissenting opinions, for your reading enjoyment: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/778020

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        Another one of my favorites! Just got take out from there last night...it was packed!

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          Haven't tried it yet but coincidentally my aunt mentioned Palace at a family gathering and she loves it. She is also very frugal so the prices must be right. Will be trying it the next time I am in the area. Thanks!

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            Finally tried Palace Dumpling last Friday. Had a take-out order of the pork and scallion dumplings and ate them after having them in the styrofoam package for about 15 min and really enjoyed them. For $5.99 (if I remember correctly) I received a generously sized portion that was very tasty. I imagine I'd enjoy them even more if I ate them at the restaurant. Will def be back and thanks for the heads up!

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              Excellent! Yes, they're definitely better fresh, although we've certainly taken home leftovers and reheated later or the next day. Glad you enjoyed. FYI, there are a dozen dumplings to an order!

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              Just went back to Palace Dumpling and was a little surprised when presented with the bill. Within the past week or so they raised their prices by $2 across the board on all dumpling dishes. Still tasty but a little less of a bargain now. Also, tried the egg drop soup today, which had a nice little kick to it, and liked it.

          2. I'm in that area occasionally to go out with friends, so thanks for new listings, always looking for good places.
            Saturngrrl, where is Palace Dumpling located?

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              it's on route 9 southbound, 1 mile south of galleria entrance? just south of hoe bowl, in same plaza as a quizno's. just before route 9 goes from 3 lanes to 2 lanes (before the dairy queen)., and on the other side of the highway (north) from fun central.

              if you're looking for small lunch stuff, the colombian bakery just south from fun central (on the northbound side) has good bread / desserts/sandwiches / empanadas. it's across from the dairy queen.

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                Palace Dumpling is excellent. The menu is on the post that saturngrrl linked.

                The bakery is called Los Hornitos. Great beef stew.

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                  Hmmm, I don't see a link. I'm viewing this from an iPad, I wonder if that's why I'm not getting the link? Thanks for the info though.

            2. Another place that recently opened is BBQ Red, also on Route 9 in Wappingers. I believe it's in the space where Cesar's Bistro/Tacocina used to be. People are responding positively on their Facebook page. Has anyone tried it yet? The photos of their food look pretty darn good.

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                bbq red might be good, but one of the owners posted on here ('praising' it without identifying self - post taken down soon after).

                as an aside, joe willy's (route 9 in fishkill) is going to be on restaurant impossible because they're down there filming now?

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                  Interesting, I've never been to Joe Willy's, but always wondered about it.

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                  Got BBQ Red at lunch a few weeks ago...everyone's consensus was that all the meat was really dry. I got the salad with pulled pork which was a good portion but pork was so dry and I did not like the dressing. It has potential but needs sauce! We got take out so we could not remedy situation and ask for sauce

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                    I stopped by BBQ Red for lunch on Saturday and had a brisket sandwich. My dining companion had the rib platter. My sandwich came with one side and the rib platter came with two sides and cornbread. While the service was excellent, I can't say the same about the food. My sandwich had only four slices of brisket but they were very thick slices which made it difficult to eat. You have an option to get your sandwich in different "styles" which included cheese, onions, etc. I chose plain as I wanted to taste the meat. The meat was very dry and I had to use a lot of sauce to make it more palatable. The meat also had very little smoke flavor. I had mac n' cheese as my side. This consisted of a fairly large bowl of rotini in a cheese sauce that was a bit bland and the whole thing was covered with crumbled potato chips (which I did not enjoy). They also served a ramekin of coleslaw which had a weird flavor and I left most of it. The baked beans my dining partner had as a side were tasty but too sweet for me. Her ribs were OK, but were overdone and had little smoke flavor. The rib portion was huge but on closer inspection I noticed that half of the serving was composed of rib tips. On a positive note, I thought all the sauces on the table were very good and other diners seemed to be enjoying their meals. I will probably not return as their are better bbq options.

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                      Yes, I haven't been back either - did you also see that Billy Joe's Ribworks outpost closed? On their website they said that their hope for a quick service model did not work and they realized that people come to Billy Joe's also for the entertainment. Their BBQ too is nothing to write home about so does not suprise me that they closed. Have you gone to Billy Bob's by Vassar College? So close to my house but I haven't made it over yet. The menu sounds very good though and some friends have enjoyed it.

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                        Have not tried Billy Bob's yet but will definitely stop by one day soon. Their menu looks interesting. It's not surprising that Billy Joe's closed. Bbq places in our area seem to come and go regularly.

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                          I never tried the outpost but I saw that they closed. Nothing seems to be able to survive in that spot. When I go to Billy Joe's in Newburgh I go for the view and spot by the water, not really the food, so that's probably another reason why the outpost closed.

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                            I tried the outpost once and it was not good. We have young kids so we called in a take out order. They wouldn't let my wife pick up her order at the drive thru window and instead made her get out the car with two young kids. Last time we went there. I think they thought they could become the Chipotle of BBQ.

                    2. Thanks for posting. We were wondering about Nemmi's, but were skeptical - looks like a roadhouse. We love Tanjore, but we will try this next.

                      1. is mexicali blue a full service restaurant?

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                          Yes, it is. It has a nice seating area for about 20-30 people. Their pork and pineapple burrito is excellent. Very fresh ingredients and great flavor. My husband liked it better than his steak and shrimp burrito. Menu here: http://www.mexicali-blue.com/wappinge...

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                            thank you I think I may bring a date there tomorrow night

                        2. Spotted on Route 9 in Wappingers in the space where Kebab Palace was, in the strip mall: a sign that says "Pho Max: Authentic Vietnamese Noodle Bar"! The windows are still covered up so it's not open yet. Hopefully soon - should be interesting!

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                            That is fantastic news! I hope it's good. I've been craving bun ever since I got some at Pho Vietnam in Danbury. Thanks for sharing!

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                              Is that the plaza where Los Hornitos is? That could make for a difficult choice for me. I can always get a slice of tres leches cake to go for later.

                              1. re: Leslie

                                Yes, it's just a couple of storefronts down from Los Hornitos!

                          2. pho max has a sign in the door looking for wholesale vendors for meat/veggies.

                            menu in window, bahn mi = 4.50 ->4.95, phos are around $8 with about 10 phos, 7 bahn mis?

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                              Did they have bun (rice vermicelli noodles w/various toppings) on the menu as well? Thank you!

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                                sorry, dont remember - i only got to stop quickly with kids and didn't have a pen.

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                                After months of waiting, Pho Max finally is open for business! I went this past Tuesday to get take- out. They had limited offerings; no rice dishes available, only appetizers and phos. No matter! I was happy to get whatever they had that day! We ordered spring rolls, summer rolls, and several different kinds of noodles to share. They all tasted good. The phos are on par with what I've had in the city.
                                They were still trying to get everything organized, but the owner was very nice. I had kids with me and it was raining. He helped me bring everything into the car. I cannot wait to return to try the rice dishes!!

                                On another note, I drove through Beacon yesterday and found a new restaurant named "Dim Sum Go Go." Knowing there is a dim sum place in Chinatown with the same name, I googled it. According to their web site, it is an offshoot of the one in the City!!

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                                  Thanks for the report! I am definitely going to check out Pho Max soon. It would be great to have a local Vietnamese place with great bun and pho. Pho Vietnam in Danbury is great, but too far.

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                                    I went to both Dim Sum Go Go in Beacon and Pho'max in Wappingers today. DSGG was okay. They were having some computer/printer issues, so the food came out late. The country dumplings were okay, but the roast duck w/XO rice roll was not good at all. There was very little duck and way too much rice wrapper. I definitely have to go back when the staff isn't harried because of technical problems. The beef and broccoli was okay as well. The staff was good and the ambience is very nice, but the food was not as flavorful as I had hoped it would be.

                                    I just ordered bun (vermicelli noodle with my choice of grilled pork) and a coconut drink at Pho'max. The drink was very good and the bun was okay. It was missing fresh mint, so the flavor was not as good as it could have been.

                                    Overall, I was disappointed, but I would like to try both places again soon.

                              3. Went today, it was amazing!!!! Brisket Pho was clean and fresh tasting, meat was great, and basil and mint tasted freshly picked. Cocoanut bubble tea was wonderful. Cant wait to return!!!!