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Jan 2, 2013 09:55 AM

Rotisserie Mom’s

Has anybody been to

Rotisserie Mom’s on Sources

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  1. Whereabouts on Sources is it located?

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      1. re: fredmir

        in the strip mall across from Galerie des Sources where McBay's is located. I also would like to know if anyone has tried it.

    1. I have tried it...the first time it took forever to get my meal even though there was nobody there. When I recieved my meal it was very average, standard rotisserie chicken.

      Today I was infront of it again. The first time I was there it was only a few days after it first opened, so I figured I would give them another chance.

      The place was empty again. Again it took very long to recieve my meal...and this time the food was terrible, the chicken was all dried out and the fries tasted like it was the same oil that was used the first time I was there.

      Also the bathroom has only a toilet and no urinal and the door does not lock. So I was there with willy hanging out while somebody could have opened the door and walked in (becasue it is a big batheroom that used to have a urinal and cubicule.). I am not shy but it could make some people unomfortable. I did not figure there was much of a risk because the place was so empty...even at lunch hour (though it was Monday...after St. Patricks some might not have been very hungry)

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      1. re: PierreGuy

        One word; "YECH !!! "
        My wife and I were there about 3 Wednesdays ago at about 6:15pm and we were the only customers.
        I had a hot chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes and my wife had fried chicken.
        My Hot chicken sandwich and peas were cold !!! The mashed potatoes were imitation and tasted like crap !!!!
        My wife's chicken was too salty .
        The meal was served with disposable plates with matching plastic cutlery .
        I doubt this restaurant will celebrate it's first anniversary !!!
        Do yourself a favour drive down the street and go to Cote St Luc BBQ (4360 Boulevard des Sources )for almost the same buck, a far better chicken !!!

        1. re: PierreGuy

          Oh dear about the lock on the bathroom. I ate once there and will not go back. It is expensive and I wonder how a chicken place cannot smell like chicken when you walk in and then you get grilled chicken on your plate. Perplexing.