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Jan 2, 2013 09:39 AM

Cheapest bulk produce around?

I've recently gotten into juicing which I love but being winter, decent produce for cheap is hard to find. I can't afford the fancy market prices like Whole Foods and even the regular Shaws comes off as pricey (considering its poorish quality) and lacks variety. Its not important to me that stuff is organic. I'm looking for some place around Quincy and the south shore if possible. Any ideas where I should go? Is a Costco membership worth it here? I wish I could hit Haymarket every weekend but parking can be such a pain!

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  1. Hmm.. there's that Food Pak Express place near Newmarket Square. Its a huge asian-ish restaurant supply place. I know they have produce, but not sure of the variety. Its signage says wholesale only, but I've never had a problem walking in and buying with cash.

    What are you trying to juice?

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      I'm mostly looking to juice greens with a variety of fruits. Nothing specific. Just lots of it. My attempt to be healthier :)

    2. Roxies. They are by far the cheapest. You can find great produce deals, especailly for what you need.

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        Oh I know where that is. For some reason I thought it was basically a meat only shop. I will have to check it out.

      2. You used to be able to park for cheap ($3?) in the garage right next to Haymerket, on Saturday mornings. Anyone know if that deal is current?

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          Yes, validated parking (generally from a B&M business at Haymarket such as Haymarket Pizza, Harry's Cheese, Puritan Beef and many in the North End) is still available at the Parcel 7 Garage. The garage does fill up sometimes during market hours, there is only one working elevator, and the lines to exit can get long which might be among the hassles the OP mentioned if buying in bulk.

        2. We do a fair bit of juicing as well, but only use organic. We get most of it at WF and Shaw's (their carrot prices are pretty good).

          If you are really trying to be "healthier", you may want to consider being even more conscious about using organic for juicing. Remember, you are drinking the equivalent of MANY, MANY servings of the fruits/veggies, and along with that is coming any of the pesticides in them.

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            I do wash everything well before juicing and while I know that doesn't help all that much, from an affordability stand point I think that's where I will stop. WF and organic is a bit out of my paycheck league :)

            1. re: foxspirit

              Certainly understandable! Here is a list of the "dirty dozen", so at least you can either avoid these, or choose organic for those few:


              Heh-heh....some make me laugh when considering juice.....make sure not to juice too many non-organic potatoes, ok?

            1. re: trufflehound

              Kam Man also has good deals on produce and it's worth checking out as well.

              1. re: mwk

                Kam Man is where I'm currently going for most of my stuff.