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Jan 2, 2013 09:27 AM

Knife Sharpening in the Valley?

I know there are some places in Santa Monica, but I'd rather not drive that far if I don't have to. All I know of is Sur La Table, and I haven't heard whether they do a good job. I'd rather go to a locally-owned place if possible. Any suggestions?

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  1. 'Electric Shaver Shop' at 15234 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411. South side of Victory, East of Sepulveda and next to Lido Pizza. Bring knives in a towel or bag. For about $3 each, usually same day. I found him on this board years ago and recommend him [as does Star Restaurant Supply down the block]..

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    1. re: JTea

      i went there once.
      never again.
      ruined several of my knives, changing the shape of the blades.
      nice, prompt people, but they don't know what they're doing.

      1. re: linus

        Oh no... I just dropped my favorite knife off there today. God I hope it's okay.

        1. re: Safari

          hopefully it will be. maybe i just caught them on a bad day or something.

          1. re: linus

            FWIW, I had pretty good luck with them a few years ago. I brought in several chefs knives, nothing fancy or exotic and they came back fine.

            They got it done in about an hour while I had lunch at Sam Woo just across the street.

            1. re: RacerX

              well, maybe mercury was in retrograde or something. one of my chef's knives was turned into a right triangle. a paring knife was turned into a long, skinny beak-like thing.

              i hope y'all have good luck. i won't be going back there.

    2. There is a booth at the Encino Farmers Marke on Sundays that does knife and scissor sharpening.

      Never used him, but usually seems quite busy.

      1. Joann Fabrics does scissor and knife sharpening. Call your local store for the schedule. At the Porter Ranch store, they have a company/guy who comes out with a mobile/van setup.