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My Daughter- The Foodie

My daughter will be visiting this weekend with eating and shopping on her mind. She travels extensively and has a fondness for Indian, Sushi and fine Italian. As we will be travelling by car, we are open for all areas of the GTA. Yorkville will be our starting point on Saturday. Need to fulfill these requests.

Friday Night-Indian ( we have tried the Copper Chimney, and had a great meal there)

Saturday Lunch- Sushi (Sushi Inn in Yorkville is a moderate option, but looking for something different)

Saturday Dinner- Italian ( Zucca is our favorite, but it is closed for holiday's)

Sunday Lunch- I am thinking Ramen, possibly Momofuko? I have been to one of his restaurants in NYC. Willing to try another option, or idea.

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Happy New Year

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  1. For Italian on Sat I would consider Buca (but it will be hard to get a reso now) Tutti Matti (hands down best Tuscan in TO) or Campagnolo.

    Sushi Couture on Bloor is far better than Sushi in but I'm not sure if they are open at lunch. The service can be off but the sushi is great.

    1. Japango's open for lunch- make sure to phone ahead for a reservation. Excellent sushi for a reasonable price.

      And if you don't mind leaving the core, hit Gerrard East and browse the Gerrard Bazaar for Indian. Tons of places, but my fave is far and beyond Lahore Tikka House.

      Ramen: Sensotei or Santouka, but for the love of god, go off-hours or you'll never get in.

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      1. I'd try Italian for lunch and switch to Kaji for Sat. dinner--book soon. Try Scarb/Markham for dim sum for Sunday.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I better heed your advice and make a reservation for Saturday night.

          1. Mistura for Italian (high end) or Enoteca Sociale (more casual).

            1. IMHO Sushi Inn is the pits.

              For something different in Japanese, go to an Izakaya instead. They serve "little plates" of food, sort of like Chinese dimsum or Spanish tapas. Some of them do serve sushi if you really want that, e.g. Kingyo (not King-yo but Kin-gyo :-)

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                I had very good sashimi recently at Katsura in the Westin Prince Hotel. The sushi is okay, but the omakase sashimi was very good. I also recommend Zen and Kaji. Yuzu is fun, but by no means traditional. I felt that the garnishes for each piece of sushi did more to mask the flavours than highlight them. Some love those little garnishes, though.

                Would you and your foodie daughter consider branching out? There are some fine Indian restaurants that specialize in a certain region's foods, i.e. Maroli or Anjappar Chettinad. Ditto for Chinese restaurants and Italian as well. Beyond those that you mentioned, I think Ethiopian is worth sampling. I am a fan of Dukem on the Danforth. I also like Vietnamese. For a non-pho experience, consider Anh Dao, Pho Phuong or Hanoi 3 Seasons on Queen St. If you're splurging, Chiado might be an interesting Portuguese alternative to Italian. If Buca, Nota Bene, Campagnolo and the like are booked, Zucca is good. I quite liked my one experience at La Bettola di Terroni too. Noce is very good too.

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                  Thanks so much for the reply. I am not familiar with Maroli or Anjappar Chettinad? I trust I can look them up.
                  I dined at Chiado a few years back, I have not been back, but that was not for any reason except I cook allot of seafood myself.

                  Saturday dinner and lunch on Sunday are my challenge now.


              2. would you consider JaBistro for lunch? I believe they start serving lunch starting this week.

                1. +3 for Japango. Excellent sushi.

                  Although I wouldn't necessarily categorize Campagnolo on Dundas West as fine Italian I think it has the vibe you are looking for. Wonderful dishes - the menu is seasonal but they typically have a few pasta dishes that are excellent. The burrata/grape appetizer is to die for.

                  Momofuko is good but my experience in NYC was better - much richer broth (might just be growing pains) although the pork buns were excellent in both restaurants. I've tried to go to Kinton in Baldwin Village but I couldn't last the 1+ wait time. I've heard great things about it.

                  have a wonderful time with your daughter!

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                    Thanks so much. Japango is sounding like our lunch spot for Saturday. As most 19 year olds, her plans are changing by the hour.
                    I have waited at Kinton and bailed out after 30 minutes.

                    Saturday's dinner may be a challenge.


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                      Campagnola can be loud if that's a concern. If you show up at Kinton (or Momofuku for that matter) 15 minutes before they open, you'll have no problem.

                      I know you said no Asian, but the new Susur Lee restaurant Bent will likely impress a 19 year-old gourmet. He's been on Top Chef!

                      1. re: MissBingBing

                        Please no! Don't waste you money on a terrible spot like Bent. So many other great spots. Sursur was good when he had Sursur but not worth a visit IMO.