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Not too stuffy business dinner for 10

I have been asked to come up with a few recommendations in each of Cambridge and Boston for a not too stuffy celebratory business dinner for 10 (5 persons and their spouses). I've got the Cambridge list (below) which may be helpful in what I am looking for, but having a hard time thinking of similarly really good but fun Boston places. All recs are welcome.

West Bridge

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    1. Bistro du Midi has always worked well for us as a business dinner spot.

      1. Eastern Standard, Island Creek, Deuxave

        1. Good recommendations. Thanks. Is the Floor 2 fancy Legal's in the Seaport any good? I'm done with regular legals, but someone gave me it as a recommendation.

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            If you're looking to impress some business people with your restaurant selection, I would stay away from Legal's. Fresh fish, but cooking by numbers. My daughter was there this past weekend and was not impressed.
            Din't Enjoy,

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              I agree with CocoDan - take Legal off the list, just not exciting

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                has anyone tried the second floor at the waterfront location?

          2. Catalyst in Kendall
            Rendezvous in Central
            Puritan in Inman

            1. I would definitely add Catalyst to your Cambridge list - the room is perfect for a dinner of 10, and the food is top notch. I would also suggest Puritan & Co. but the room might be a bit tight for a party of 10. Meaning that they are filling up quickly now because they are very popular at the mo... but the food there is also top notch!

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                Thanks. My wife hates Catalyst (she says it feels like a '90's hotel restaurant). I have never been there, so can't comment, but she would kill me if I arranged a big dinner at a restaruant she hates. We live close to Puritan, so I think we will be there a lot anyway. Really excited to go.

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                  Ha - that's funny. :) I think the room is a bit cold and uninviting, too - but the food is really well prepared. I get it, though. We have been to Puritan several times. There have been mixed experiences. Overall the food is delicious - but the bummer is that the return visits have not matched the first visit - which was on a Monday. A bartender friend told me it is a new industry fav for Monday nights - so perhaps they amp it up - no excuse for not perfectly done lamb belly (like the Monday version pictured here) on a busy Friday. I think I will make sure the next time I go back is on a Monday - jus' sayin'!

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                  Future ref, Puritan has 2 large tables down the center of the room. They are either 8 or 10 tops.

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                    I am aware of that - having sat at one twice now - I was speaking more to the reality that the restaurant is booked well in advance - those community tables are not necessarily for large parties - you are seated with 2 or 3 other parties for a communal experience. I tried booking a party of 8 a month ago for two weeks out - no could do.