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Jan 2, 2013 07:12 AM

Expired Food risks

We get so many queries on this board about dangers of expired food that I thought this article would interest the folks here.

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  1. Very interesting article jen, thanks for posting.

    1. Great article.
      People have been conditioned to respond to dates printed on packaging.

      My daughter's previous roommates would toss milk the day of the expiration date and would not even consider using it a day later claiming "it's expired".

      We don't drink much milk but after my son went back to school milk left in the fridge has passed the sniff and taste test way beyond the expiration date. Even to the point where it surprised me how long it lasted. Now if you take a gallon of milk out and routinely set it on the table while you eat your cereal allowing it to warm up it may not last to the expiration date

      Expired can goods can take on a metallic taste as it goes a year or two past the exp date. Safe, yes but not tasty.

      1. It's like I said before, I consider "expiration dates" and "use by dates" just like I do the Daily Horoscopes ... for entertainment purposes only.

        1. I wish that I had seen this article a couple of weeks ago. I've been throwing out slightly-past-expiration-date food for three weeks, as well as canned food as old as 2006. I wish that I had kept the up-to-one-year- expired canned food and used it.

          I do have a question, though. It seems to me that I read somewhere that cans only keep their structural integrity for about three years. The information in the article seems to indicate that is not the case. Any comments?

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          1. re: gfr1111

            That is clearly not the case as a general matter. Good sense should reign. If your can is not corrodes or bulging and otherwise looks like it is in good condition, I would not worry at all. We've certainly had canned items around for longer than that with no problem.

            I am a little more concerned if the can comes from overseas that the quality control is not as adequate (which is an issue whatever age the food is), or if the can is damaged, but there too your eyes and tongue and nose should protect you - as the food gets older, its really a sensory/taste and texture issue more than safety, which you really cant judge till you open the can. Silly to waste good food unneccesarily.