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Jan 2, 2013 05:58 AM

Dress code for Ogata -- fancy kaiseki dinner in Kyoto

Hi. I just booked dinner at Ogata, and was wondering the male dress code?


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  1. I don't think there is a dress code. I was quite casual when i dined there and it was not an issue.

    1. I wore slippers. It is fabulous. The service is so gracious, and the food is eye opening and inventive. This was my second best overall meal in Japan last summer, second only to Arashiyama Kitcho.

      By the way, the place is really hard to find. It's down a long dead end street, with an old wooden building at the beginning of the path.

      In case you want some more details, I've blogged it here:

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        Nice blog. We went there in December so the dishes are quite different from your description. The main feature is actually the Taiza crab which I think is available only during the winter.

        1. re: FourSeasons

          Taiza crab is an extremely rare and luxurious ingredient in Kyoto. You're lucky to be there at the same time.

          He used to cook at Wakuden Kodaiji, and their specialty happens to be Taiza kani.