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Jan 2, 2013 04:46 AM

Fish stock/fumet de poisson

Anyone have ideas where you can buy this in London? I've Googled but it doesn't really turn up anything - looking for powdered fish stock of a good quality, the kind that you can buy in France quite readily. I'm sure it does exist, can't find any decent brands though.....

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  1. Knorr's UK website says they sell both regular bouillon cubes, as well as the gel-type bouillon concentrates, in fish.

    Both show up on the Tesco listing for online grocery shopping.

    I'm quite certain you'd find something at Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, or any of the High Street food halls.

    1. thanks - may try Maggi as well

      1. Sainsbury (at least here in Cheshire) sells the Knorr cubes. Ok but a bit salty for my taste as these things tend to be - not a major problem so long as you're aware of it and adjust your other seasoning. .

        Knorr also sell their "stockpot" range (as advertised by marco Pierre White - not that I mention that by way of recommendation), which includes a fish one. No idea what they're like as MPW's performance put me off buying.

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          I use the Maggi version of the gel tubs here in France, and they're fantastic -- very nice, deep flavor, without tasting like a salt lick. (They're not low salt, but quite a bit lowER than traditional cubes)

          I would imagine the Knorr are comparable.

          I don't use the Knorr simply because their range in France is quite limited , and the Maggi are more widely available.

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            Thanks for that, sunshine. I'll look out for the Maggi next time I'm in the vicinity of the Carrefour at Calais (probably May - we have a Pas de Calais battlefields trip in the planning)

            1. re: Harters

              they have all kinds of flavors --

              and they are always dropping new flavors that aren't even on the website - I just tried the Pesto one last night (very tasty), and I have Champignon and Thai in my kitchen....

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              yes, i think it's probably the Maggi that I used to buy in France, and had imagined it was some more obscure brand, perhaps

          2. I made a nice fish stock yesterday using a salmon carcass and head bought from one of the Brixton fishmongers. Reduce it a bit and it freezes well, and tastes significantly better than any commercial product I've tried. If it's for a dinner party or something very dependent on the flavour of the broth I'd be tempted to pick up some offcuts and make my own.

            But that doesn't really answer you're original question...

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              thanks anyway - i made some stock over Xmas, but on a day to day basis I just can't be bothered tbh. Well worth making it when you do have the time, of course