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Jan 2, 2013 03:42 AM

:Need 2 Recipes for Italian Desserts:

Good morning! I need recipes, please, for the two following desserts. The intended recipients are from the Isle of Capri if that helps, but I am not sure if these recipes are specific to that area of Italy.

*Portfolios filled with Orange Pastry Custard
*Almond Pastafrolla Cookie

Many thanks! Happy New Year!

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  1. Just bumping the thread to see if anyone has a recipe or two to share. Thank you!

    1. If those are so specific you need to branch out, Marcella has an almond cake. Google "marcella hazan almond cake".

      Also, try Carmela Soprano's "rigote" (ricotta) pie:


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        Thanks so much, but I'm definitely trying to track down the recipes for the:
        *Portfolios filled with Orange Pastry Custard
        *Almond Pastafrolla Cookie

        They are the respective peoples' favorites and both of their birthdays are coming up. My Googling has turned-up goose eggs (and of course I'd rather have a Chow-approved recipe if possible). I appreciate you taking time to respond, though! Have a great weekend.

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          Oh. Your headline wasn't specific. I should have read your text.

          For Orange Pastry Custard, I'd use Julia Child's creme patissiere recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking v.1, and choose the Grand Marnier option.

          As for making desserts for a friend, in general, if I were doing this and couldn't find the recipes (and that portfolio one looks impossible to find), I'd ask my friend for more information.

          However, for the other friend, when I google, I see enough stuff to get started on pasta frolla with almonds.

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            Many thanks to you! I appreciate it!

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          You are awesome! Yes - I think that is what he indicated he wants, but now I am curious; am I supposed to fill it with something? He called it a "cookie"; I'm wondering if I just cut it like shortbread cookies instead of making it as a crust? I'll do a test-run. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

        2. Are you perhaps looking for "foglie", as in mille foglie? It's like a puff pastry turnover, filled with a cooked custard...similar to this Greek dessert:

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            I don't think that is it - BUT!!!, I cannot wait to try that dessert (at least for myself). That sounds totally divine. Thank you!

          2. So if I am following correctly, you still need to fill those Porto follo's...this orange custard is typical of Naples according to my (Italian) La Cucina

            Crema di Arance

            4 egg yolks
            2/3 cup sugar
            1/3 cup of cornstarch
            2 cups milk
            juice and grated zest of 4 oranges (preferably organic, says the recipe, so smaller than the South African navels that dominate supermarkets here)

            1. Make a cream by heating yolks, sugar, cornstarch and milk over medium-low heat.
            2. When this reaches the consisitency of thick pudding, remove from heat and add juice and zest.
            3. Chill and serve with a dollop of whipped cream, candied orange and cinnamon.

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              I think that is EXACTLY what I need. Many thanks! I really appreciate it!