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Jan 1, 2013 09:59 PM

Disney Virgin (well almost) and vicinity help!

Going to disney for first time 3rd week in Jan since 1975! (don't laugh!)--taking the kid--staying off site near where whole foods is in Orlando near turkey road--looked on several site recommending disney restaurants and they are way too expensive for our budget. Looking for entrees under $10 for lunch and dinner $15 and under--see there's an Anthony's coal oven pizza which we love, so that's an option, and my husband has some recent obsession with going to chick fil a since there are none here in NYC--I doubt I'd find much to eat there since I'm doing low carb mostly--read about Bosphorous on dr. philips blvd which seems nearby although there appear to be mixed reviews but they do have chicken kebab at about $11. their salad prices though very high (crazy, higher than the best turkish restaurants in long island and brooklyn!)--we are also going to Legoland in winter haven and will need a place for dinner--we will have a rental car, read about bbq place smokin jim's which appears to be open until 9pm and there's even a chick fil a nearby to legoland for lunch possibly..but would like good dinner spot---read about ravenous pig, but their prices seems very high and a bit too fushiony for the kid--and my husband hates small nouvelle cuisine mixed reviews for raglan road for a possible dinner while in disney area--what are some reasonable little spots within the disney parks that are good and not priced too crazy or in area--we could get some stuff from whole foods too I think to bring into the parks for lunch..but dinner, and preferably a late dinner following the evening shows in each park is what we need...what stays open late for dinner--should we head to downtown disney or boardwalk for dinner? Or somewhere else nearby...looking for some advice from locals, --atmosphere only important in regards to cleanliness--we are definitely not into themed restaurants with mediocre food..we like good food at good value--thanks for some current info for disney area and winter haven area for dinner!!!

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  1. A few options for Near Turkey Lake.

    You mentioned Bosphorous on dr. philips, I haven't been since it changes ownership from Antolia to Bosphorous but I've heard good things about it.

    Saffron, Indian. has very good lunch prices. Also Cedars over in the same area, Lebanese, has a lunch menu but other prices are a little high.

    Peperoncino - Italian

    Press 101 - Lunch Sandwiches

    Also a fun trip it's a bit out of the way but try Yellow Dog eats for lunch fun salads, sandwiches, and pretty unique to the area.

    1. Near your hotel, def try Pio Pio. Cafe Tu Tu Tango can work if you watch out on the number of small plates you order (can add up). Press 101 is a good option, if you like ethnic Memories of India can fit your price range. Think about driving into downtown one evening for our great Vietnamese options - we like Pho 88 and our kids find plenty to like there too. Late night out by the parks is a terrible choice as it's all chains. Be aware that a lot of places close at 10 pm in the area of your hotel. Think about eating on I Drive late - some other options in your budget in addition to Cafe Tu Tu Tango could be Nile Ethiopian, Bel Gostoso, Thai Silk (formerly Red Bamboo) and the Pub at Pointe Orlando

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        thank you both for the helpful suggestions! Is there any good chinese for dinner that is open late in the area or mediterranean?

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          For Mediterranean, Greek Flame Taverna is in the same shopping center as Bosphorous on Sand Lake Road, and it is really good. A little pricey for dinner (compared to lunch), but the food is always top-notch.

          I'll also vouch for Bosphorous (one of my favorite restaurants in town, and also kind of Mediterranean) as well as Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, which has my favorite pizza, wings, AND ribs in town. Shame *I* live so far from it, but you'll be right there.

          I just want to say that I'm like your husband in that I get annoyed by "haute cuisine" with high prices and tiny portions, but the Ravenous Pig is not like that at all. Everything they do is artful, but the food is delicious and the portions are generous. It's my favorite restaurant in all of Florida, and most Orlando-area Chowhounds would also rank it in their Top Five, for good reason. It might not be the best place to take a kid, however. (I don't know how old your kid is, but the burger and fries are great there, and they always have several flavors of house-made ice cream, if that's a selling point at all.


          And if you want to eat at Disney, I actually LIKE Raglan Road. It's a little pricey as well (because you're on Disney property!), but the portions are gigantic and I've never had a bad meal there. It can get super-crowded and loud, so make a reservation or go early if you decide on it.

          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

            thank you for the son is 7 and very well behaved in restaurants--(i'm sure that must be an issue though in lots of restaurants in the area, with so many children roaming disney--LOL--being overstimulated and tired not a good combination for lots of kids)-and he's a meatatarian, loves burgers, meatballs, bbq, not too crazy about green food..except he will eat broccoli and spinach--just no lettuce---so he's good wherever he can get a burger, or chicken (in all forms), or rice and beans, or pasta or meatballs, meatloaf, or pizza, --he loves pierogi, too! And some thai and chinese are fine for him--he also really loves turkish food--so, that's why I was leaning towards Bosphorous...It's off that the restaurants in the area don't stay open to 11 when there are light shows every night in the parks--I guess most people eat early, but we're late birds.

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              You may want to try Bento Cafe on Sand Lake. They have great sushi rolls, bento boxes, noodle bowls, and other pan-Asian food, AND they're cheap. I think they're open until 10:30 every night except Friday and Saturday, when they're open until 11:30.

              The best pierogis in town are at Polonia in Longwood, but that's a good 45 minutes from where you're staying. Awesome Polish food, though.

          2. re: janie

            Cafe tu tu Tango is basically Mediterranean and is open very late. Cedar's is Lebanese and open late as well - very good clean flavors and kid's will love the various kabobs available while you can eat more exotic options like the kibbeh nayeh.

            There is one good Chinese place in the area though it looks like any other and it isn't open too late. It's called Magic Wok and if you go ask for help with the special "Chinese" menu which features unique Shanghai-style options. The "English" menu is the basic Americanized Chinese food that keeps them in business but they are very helpful if you want to try something different like stinky tofu, sauteed eels, shaghai-style ribs or roasted duck