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Jan 1, 2013 09:27 PM

In for a night from Connecticut - where should we go?

My husband and I will be in the city for a Saturday night in February (more than 30 days from now). Kind of like a date night, but we'll have a seven-year-old with us. We're looking for a fun dinner and a brunch. Without the boy, we'd probably choose Gramercy Tavern for dinner, but I don't want to do a prix fixe with him. We also like EMP, Recette, and ABC Kitchen, but would like to try somewhere new. We tried Anissa a few months ago and really enjoyed it, but with a 7-year-old we would like to go somewhere a little noisier, with a little more clatter. Really, our only requirement is that it be kind of exciting (somehow different from what we get here in Fairfield County, either in terms of quality of food or of ambience, but hopefully both) and must take reservations (we don't want to have to wait at the bar or outdoors with a kid on a Saturday night) We would appreciate any suggestions. We're staying in BPC and we're open to any part of town except the UWS. Thanks very much!

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  1. North End Grill
    The NoMad
    Modern Bar Room
    Union Square Cafe

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      Second North End Grill. Not only is it in BPC where you're staying, but the food is excellent (albeit slightly overpriced), and, perhaps cause its used to dealing with the BPC/Tribeca parents, it's very accommodating about kids. Last time, the table next two us had two kids (would guess about 7 and 10), and they offered the choice of a childrens menu or adapting some things on the standard menu.

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        Thanks! North End Grill sounds good ... on the other hand, I don't want to be around too many other kids! :) What about Calliope? I like the choices on the menu.

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          I personally don't like North End Grill, but if you choose it, it's not filled with kids. All the kids are around the corner at Shake Shack. Why not go to Babbo. Or maybe Spice Market. Morimoto's Tribeca Canvas might be interesting,depending on what type of food you are looking for. Jungsik would be a delicious choice, and you don't have to have the tasting menu. I've seen kids of all ages there. Not a usual place for kids, but several times there has been a child or two at a table there. Not a problem at all.

    2. Crispos should fit the entire bill nicely. Italian food done better than well, noisy fun atmosphere, in a hip part of town and service with a smile.

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        Why not go to Esca? It is a special night, great atmosphere for well behaved 7 year old.