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Jan 1, 2013 07:49 PM

Avellino / Benevento

My wife and I will be visiting this area to visit family and do some touring (of food and wine mainly) and were looking for suggestions. There is little to nothing covered in these towns (caserta, avellino, benevento) on chowhound, so we're hoping you all can help us out. We will be going in February, and are not really wanting to head into Naples as we've been there a couple times previously. As of now, we will be visiting the Mastroberardino winery and the Nifo winery with no restaurants decided upon just yet. We are very interested in local, traditional cuisines.

I am a chef and always take cooking courses in the areas I visit but have not found a single thing. The classes i have come across are in Salerno, but I really would rather not drive all the way down there. Any ideas?

Thank you for your help!

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  1. This is a great food region - Im sorry we have not made it into the area you are visiting, but all the reports I have seen suggest you will find excellent eating and wines. .

    One major info resource for southern italy is the Luciano Pignataro wineblog heres a link

    The Slowfood Osterie guide is another very reliable source of recommendations for traditional dining in Italy, including this region. Carla Capalbo's 2005 book is also very helpful on the Campanian interior.http://www.amazon.com/Food-Wine-Guide...

    Finally there are some older threads with recommendations in this part of Campania. Look in the "Discussion You Might Also LIke" area to the right of this post, and it will give a few.
    If you use "search" it will just give you the last year - at the top your results, you can change the time parameters to pick up older posts as well as the more recent.

    Maybe you can ask some of the wineries or restaurants if they can recommend a local cooking teacher to you.

    1. Jen's suggestions for Capalbo's book and Luciano Pignataro's indispensable web site (which covers wineries, olive oil producers, agriturismi, and other food-related topics bweyond restaurants) should get you more than started. Tripadvisor.it, with all the cautions this site suggests, does have fairly detailed listings for both provinces and their capital cities.http://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurants...

      1. We had a great meal at Di Pietro in Melito Irpinia.

        Definitely order the antipasto, which includes some delicious vegetable frittata and smoky warm focaccia.

        The Minestra maritata was incredible, a a brothy soup made from broccoli greens. Big chunks of local sausage floated on top, all sprinkled with bright red pieces of peperoni cruschi. Who knew pork soup could taste this healthy?
        We also ordered the local pasta, hand made cicatiella. Again, veggies were the star and the chewy little shapes were smothered with broccoli greens and peperoni, and topped with crispy bread crumbs and tons of garlic and hot pepper.