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Jan 1, 2013 06:18 PM

Shang-Chai Closing/closed?

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  1. not to reopen. sad day for us kosher brooklynites

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    1. re: ahuva

      I'd suppose, but for those of us who are not of the ChoSen variety,meh.Funny story- many years ago (20+ for sure), a group of colleagues and I, NYC Speech Improvement teachers all in District 32 (Bushwick) lost our supervisor to a heart attack. He'd survived,but chose to retire.A supervisor from D21(Midwood/Borough Park was assigned to help us out. Wonderful lady,but I'd never seen someone so frightened to walk 20 feet from her car into a school.Last meeting of the year is traditionally held in a restaurant amenable to the predilections of the supervisor;s staff.Well, most of her 'girls" were Orthodox,so Shang Chai it was, in that little triangle off Flatbush and R.Pardon me for saying, but even at the time,I was already spoiled by the then-nascent Chinese bounty of Flu Shing, and positively blanched at whatever silliness those little rabbinical students were bringing us. The following year promised more of the same, so a colleague and I feigned having to attend a retirement luncheon for a fellow teacher and instead went to Randazzo's for scungilli and calamari.Many times over the years, I'd passed the place in commuting, stopping only once to pick up a copy of the takeout menu to include with a packet of memorabilia given to my colleague on Her retirement.Now, I am also retired, as is Shang Chai, apparently.Maybe you folks could go for a Super Snack, or perhaps even a Chap a Nosh!Oy,vey, Ess a Bagel!

    2. yea, im pretty sad, its kinda iconic, though i havent been since the 90s