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Indian food?

Looking for recommendations for great Indian food restaurants in VA. Looking to try something new :) Thanks!

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    1. Saravana Palace in Fairfax is purely vegetarian South Indian cuisine. Start off with a paper dhosa, go for the chili paneer, and it is hard to go wrong from there.

      1. Any particular geographic area in VA?

        In Herndon, both Paradise and Angeethi on Elden Street are excellent. Paradise has an extensive menu including indo-chinese and dosa. Angeethi does a lunchtime buffet including a fresh made-to-order chaat bar with 4 options. Their buffet food is far better than anyone would reasonably expect from a buffet.

        1. As Steve already piped up for Saravana Palace (one of my faves, and their weekend lunch buffet is a great value), I'll recommend Karaikudi: http://www.karaikudiva.com/

          It's Chettinad cuisine which is a bit different from the usual Indian one gets. Fair warning, probably the spiciest Indian I've had in a long while.

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          1. I love Rangoli in South Riding. They've got a lunch buffet and also do delivery. We usually get a biryani and chicken tikka makhani and love it.

            1. Banjara in Ashburn is our favorite place, if you are looking out in that direction.

              1. I liked Curry Mantra in Fairfax when I went last year.

                I went to the buffet at Woodlands a few months ago and it was fine, as always (it's vegetarian) - I actually thought ordering off the menu was better than the buffet but that was a few years ago.

                It's been a while since I've been to Saravana Palace but that was good also (also vegetarian).

                Indaroma in Alexandria is a nice option for counter service casual, focusing on the curries and chat (made to order, there's no buffet); also delicious non-Indian desserts (cakes mostly).

                1. Tandoori Nights in Clarendon makes a sensational mulligatawny soup.

                  1. Thank you for the great responses!

                    1. Quite a few options to choose from! We tried Angeethi and thought it was okay...will check out the other places! Also, any recs for Pakistani food?

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                        I like Shiney's in Annandale for pakistani food. Call in advance to see if they can make you some long pepper pakora. Karahi here is very good.

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                          The Ravi Kabob empire for Pakistani.

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                            ^Mmmm yes. Ravi Kabab gujranwala style champs (thass chops in Punjabi, yall) OMG best ever I have tasted outside of Pakistan. Lamb.

                            Also their chicken karhai is real good. They make it frontier style with no powdered spices, just green chiles, cilantro, and fresh ginger shards. Mmmm.

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                              Oh...never heard of them! Will have to look it up! Thank you!

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                              I still remember one of my all time fails at Ravi. I had heard about the lamb chops being great so I knew exactly what to order, except, somehow, I ordered pork chops...
                              I realized my mistake almost immediately, did a kind of slow face palm and the owner just smiled. And the lamb chops were delicious!

                          2. I second Curry Mantra.
                            I also like Tandoori Nights in Clarendon and, at times, Masala Wok for a quick lunch.

                            Delhi Dhaba and Delhi Club are good in Arlington as well, though not as good as the ones I mentioned above.

                              1. Another vote for Curry Mantra in Fairfax City. I went twice this weekend (yeah, it was that good!) and had the buffet both times. The goat vindaloo was flavorful and spicy, the raita was thick and creamy, loved the lentils, chickpeas, and the chicken biryani lived up to the hype. Even the iced tea was delicious with a slight hint of cloves. Definitely worth the drive! And the price was quite low- $10ish per person for the buffet.