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Jan 1, 2013 05:22 PM

Cooking class for teenagers in Los Angeles/South Bay area

Looking for a gift for a teenager that likes to bake (13 years old). Does anyone know where I can send her to a class? I'm just looking for a one time only class, not a series. Chefmakers is closed, Bristol Farms is a possiblity but I wanted to find a class that specifically covers baking. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. you might try simple gourmet. i know they do kid's classes, but not sure about teens.

    1. Call "Chef Eric's Culinary Kitchen" 310-470-2640. I've had
      8-10 classes there, including sending my granddaughter - all very successfully. It is in the Westwood/Pico area.

      1. I took a teenager to a class at South Bay School of Cooking on Artesia in Redondo and she had a great time - Annette didn't treat her like a baby and had her chopping and coking like everybody else.

        1. Bristol Farms Manhattan Beach. Teen Cuisine (Grades 6-8)
          11am - 2pm | $35 per class