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ISO: Preserved Lemons in Toronto/GTA

Hello Hounds!

I hope the new year is prosperous, happy and full of good eats for all.

I am looking for Moroccan/Middle Eastern preserved lemons for purchase in the GTA. I want to get back in to my Moroccan cooking groove.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I couldn't find any, so I prepared them. Six lemons, quartered, layered in a liter jar with with Windsor pickling salt. Leave in cool dark place for 2 weeks, then use them as needed. The longer they stay in the jar, the mushier, so 4 months is maximum.

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      Thanks Jay. That was what I was afraid of...

      (I usually get some from my parents, but forgot at Christmas. Mum uses them for preserving her olives)

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        It's important to use organic lemons when doing this as you are basically eating the peel where all the pesticide residue resides.

      2. cc the good news is that they are available. I was able to find Mustapha's Moroccan preserved lemons and I stocked up when I did.

        Unfortunately, the bad news is that I don't recall where I bought them. I'm thinking it may have been at a gourmet shop in Woodbridge since it was somewhere mr bc and I don't regularly frequent. I know we came up empty-handed at the St. Lawrence Mkt, Pusateri's and the five thieves. Even my local Persian shop didn't carry them.

        I Googled them just to see if I got any hits for Ontario stores but didn't get anything to jog my memory. That said, through this search I did find that you could order them online from the US if you're interested. This is a very good quality product IMHO.

        Here's a link:


        Good luck w your search. If mr bc or I remember or, see them elsewhere (as I'm down to my last 2 jars!), I'll come back here and post.

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          Thanks BC! With duties, shipping, etc., I suspect ordering them from the US would be prohibitively expensive, but will certainly look through the options. I may end up making my own as Jay suggested.

          I am kicking myself for forgetting to take a few jars from mum & dad's cellar. :(

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            Oh that is a pity cc. If you do make your own and land on a recipe you really like, perhaps you could let us know.

            FYI, here's a link to a helpful thread I flagged on the Home Cooking board when I was in the same situation you are:


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              Thank you! Will definitely post a recipe if I end up making them, I am mostly being lazy

        2. Check out Arz in Scarborough (http://www.arzbakery.com).
          I think I got mine from there.
          Their website indicates that they are opening a new store in Mississauga.

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              I searched preserved lemons on the site and that thread did not come up

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                one of the problems with this site is that their search engine sucks, if you look on the search page there is a check button on how far back to search, default is set to 1 year, click on the 5 year button and you will have better luck with your searches. had the same issue some time ago til another user pointed it out to me.. good luck on your search.

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                  Thank you, youdonut. I didn;t even realize there was a default

            2. i found mine at akram's shoppe in kensington market. they are delish, by the way.

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              1. Several places in Mississauga if that's not too far.

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                  Thanks Kagemusha - would love to know where. Mississauga isn't too far - we are often out that way.

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                    Town and Country Market, Hurontario+Fairview Rd. tucked in behind the Shell station, invisible from Hurontario. Not huge but well-stocked for most ME items. Marche Adonis is coming to Creditview+Eglinton but not for a couple of months. Will start a thread soon once building/renos get rolling.

                2. Cleopatra brand from Egypt is available at Arz on Lawrence.

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                      Got me a Goat Tajine with home blend Ras El Hanout perfuming the house now...

                      Timely Chow article if you haven't already seen it.

                  1. CC just a quick update. Williams Sonoma carries these at the Eaton Ctr & Bloor Street.

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                      Thanks BC! I;ll have a look - my fear is the fleecing of my wallet at W-S on food products