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Jan 1, 2013 02:54 PM

brownie bites...

can't remember which thread that mentioned brownie edges, but here's new product:

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  1. Actually I bought the brownie brittle at Costco about a month ago. So far I've broken down the brittle into smaller pieces and used it in cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, as a topping for pudding and IN brownies. For my family & friends, fans of brownies and chocolate lovers, all raves as an add-in.

    1. love me the middle piece of brownie - i only chew the soft, mushiness that others seem to eschew (a little foodie wordplay :))

      1. I will definitely need to look into this. I am a die hard brownie/anything edge-lover. In fact, this week I baked a pan of brownies and was very upset when I had consumed all 4 corners (the edge on a regular non-middle piece is not even enough for me) and needed to bake another pan to fulfill my brownie cravings (don't worry, the other brownies were frozen for assured consumption by my SO)

        1. I found the Seth Greenberg one at a local grocery store a few months ago. Definitely had a bit of chalky/cardboard/pre-packaged taste (as you might expect), but it had a nice cocoa flavor and was crisp enough that I looked beyond the faults and found it to be fairly addictive. The rest of my household, not so much -- one taste by both my wife and six year old daughter was all it took to leave the remainder of the bag to me. Said bag is now long, long gone.

          I definitely think HillJ is on the right track. It would also be great crushed up and used as the base for a cheesecake, chess pie, or some other filled crust dessert.