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Jan 1, 2013 02:08 PM

Preliminary itinerary---feedback very much appreciated

Happy New Year!
First time trip for me & hub to celebrate his big 50 in early March and we are super excited. I have culled a draft list of restos mainly from reading this board and would love any additional wisdom from you guys.
SO and I arrive midday on a Tuesday and will depart NOLA on the following Sunday. We are staying at Le Richelieu in the FQ but close to the Marigny. We will have a car but want to walk or streetcar it unless a suggestion of a can't miss is made requiring driving. On Thursday (the actual big day) two friends are flying in to join in the fun. One uses a wheelchair and the other is a vegan. I have tried to build our food, music and excursions to fit everyone's sitch.
Tuesday: po boys @Johnny's for lunch; dinner @Mr. B's
Wednesday: big brekkie @Camellia Grill
Dinner@ either Muriel's or Irene's cuisine--please advise. I noticed that Muriel's gets a lot of meh on this board. I'd like a romantic night before our friends arrive. Would Irene's be too noisy?
Thursday: birthday brekkie @Cake Cafe or Red Gravy?
Birthday dinner @Feelings Cafe
Friday: light breakfast, probably CDM
Boisterous birthday lunch @Galatoires if we can get in. I know we must secure a place in line no later than 7am which will be an accomplishment since we will be partying late into the night the night before. Any advice on making the Friday Galatoire's downstairs scene is appreciated!
Dinner@Three Muses
Saturday: light breakfast somewhere--any suggestions?
Lunch/brunch 1 pm @Commanders
Dinner @ either Green Goddess or El Gato Negro
Sunday: farewell brekkie at Surreys if their bathroom is ADA ( my friend who uses a WC is super independent and we can get he up a couple of steps. Three Muses is listed on yelp as not WC accessible but I emailed them and they confirmed their bathrooms are ADA and so we can get her up the couple of steps). If not Surreys then please suggest a good breakfast joint that would be vegan friendly and ADA.
Not listed but a huge part of our trip will be drinking and catching live music. The former in the FQ and Marigny, the latter mostly Frenchman street.

Thanks much for any feedback!!!!

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  1. I'd choose Irene's over Muriels but that might be in part due to my memories of other shops in Muriel's location. It is an obvious touristy destination but competition in NOLA is so fierce that even quite a few touristy places are in fact rather good. And over Irene's I might be tempted to switch to Bayona.

    Absent a Big Event, 7 AM is far too early to line up at Galatoire's. If you are worried then go around 10:00 and don't have too many bloody mary's while on-line. Galatoire's served very strong drinks and you don't want to topple and hit the tiles at 1:00 PM. Dress well even if your neighbor doesn;t

    1. Sounds like you have your eating cut out for you.

      You might want to scope out the Marigny outpost of the Ruby Slipper. It's just around the corner from where you're staying and because it's been newly renovated, might meet your ADA needs. The breakfasts there are usually very good. In my experience, the Marigny branch is far less a madhouse on the weekend than the mid-city location. It's a good breakfast spot but not worth waiting in line for.

      (That's not to say that Surry's is less than excellent ... it's great, especially their hash.)

      1. Thanks for the responses!
        Hazelhurst--i seem to remember someone posting they lined up @10am and when they got to the front of the line someone asked if they were "on the list", a list which apparently was taken of the people in line much earlier. i of course defer to you on all things Galatoires since i have read of your considerable experience there. this is our first time and a big occasion so i'm a little OCD i guess :)
        Romantic dinner is now between Bayona and Irenes, though my heart is leaning towards Irene's. noise factor is an issue, and it seems Bayona would be much quieter?
        Montuori--Ruby Slipper looks divine and i can't believe i have not heard of it already! per yelp the older two locations are WC accessible, i will contact the Marigny location to make sure. regardless, the SO and i may switch it up for the birthday breakfast!!

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          I have been in Irene's when it is terribly loud and cannot recalll anything particularly noisy at Bayone over teh years. The Galatoire Friday lunch is likely to be quite loud and very festive and boisterous. As I said, a lot depends on An Event and this can throw things off. People do hire place-holders and you might encounter that at , say, Super Bowl. And the Fridays before Xmas and Mardi Gras are spoken for becuase they auction the tables for charity. But if you get in line at 10:00 (they open at 11:30) you ought to be alright. Someone will come out with a clipboard and get names and a head count. So there might be five people in front of you and they represent five tables of six or more. You cannot tell just by looking.