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Jan 1, 2013 02:07 PM

Need some advice for adventurous foodies going to ft lauderdale!

Going to ft lauderdale tonight for about five days. Been to the city a few times and ive enjoyed eduardo de san angel, casa d'angelo, chima and a few others which im blanking on.
Looking for suggestions for a couple of people willing to eat anything. Looking for whatever the best out there is

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  1. Sounds like you have an adventurous palette - try some of these.
    Market 17 - 17th Street causeway -
    Creative, inventive cuisine well executed.

    Dapur - Indonesian tapas- although they serve other Asian dishes as well. Miso Cod is wonderful as are their scallops cooked to perfection and not overdone to the rubber state.

    Casa D'angelo has opened an Italian bistro that is very good and not as pricey - if that matters.

    New Greek taverna on Oakland Lark Blvd at A1A - Thasos Greek Taverna is nothing like any Greek restaurant you are used to. Decor is very trendy and the execution of the menu is terrific. Don't bother with their web site - it's just a front page that has no info on it.

    Buon Apetito!!