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Jan 1, 2013 01:57 PM


Personally, Eat The Street was a bust. None of the trucks I hoped would be there were e. g. Camile's, Crave Okoy, etc.

I don't understand what Sean Priester is thinking when he tries to charge $15 for a raggedy-ass soup bowl of "seafood jambalaya". No wonder he was standing around twiddling his thumbs.

On the up-side, there were many 'sub-compact trucks' a.k.a. stalls that appeared, whose offerings were interesting. The grilled pork and chicken skewers from Saigon Restaurant ("Grand Opening") were tasty but overpriced at $3 each. Couldn't they at least offer 2 for $5?

The best value for the money was the vegetarian Pad Thai from the Thai stall, not because it was delicious, which it was not, but because it was tasty, greasy, voluminous, and no more expensive than it would be elsewhere. There was a variety of vegetables, even strands of cilantro, and the flavor was well balanced between not too much soy with some vinegar to balance the (palm?) sugar. However, there were no peanuts or much heat, and the noodles had been sitting too long. The stuffed chicken wings were meaty, but the coating was unnecessary.

The "Japanese Pancakes" seemed interesting, but they weren't my purchase, so I didn't get to taste much. Otherwise, meh!

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  1. Camille has been extremely busy catering parties this season which is great for her! Doesn't sound like much of an event.

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      Nothing special--we were hoping for better selection. I had Yakitori - 3 sticks and 5 takoyaki (octopus fritters) both at $5.00 each. About the only food that was prepared fresh on the spot. Also had Jamaican chix jerky - the chicken is overcooked and tasteless, the veg. fritters was much to greasy. (Forgot the names of both trucks). While we weres aware that it's New Year's eve, the music was so loud that give us headache and went home early. Will I go back next year - I doubt it.

    2. sorry to hear it was such a bust. heard the same from some other friends. I think your title sum's it up best. wonder if they will even try again next year?

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        Exception to the title is Camille's on Wheels was working the entire past 2 1/2 weeks catering parties and weddings. She is doing the Eat the Street for the Pro Bowl event just to let you know.

      2. That is sad.

        Had we been in town, I would have looked for Crave Okoy, based solely on your rec.

        Mahalo, and sorry that it was not a better event.



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          Forgot to mention - the longest line was at the Soul Patrol truck with Sean P serving with his big smile... Too long a line for me so ventured to other so&so trucks to try.