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Jan 1, 2013 01:55 PM

Good Foodie Restaurant near the Airport

I am staying at the Hyatt at DFW airport for two nights and was wondering if there a recommended eatery that a foodie like me could easily visit with a reasonable cab ride (less than $50). It doesn't necessarily need to be expensive, just unique. I also would like a tip on good authentic Mexican especially tamales. I am from Michigan and the mexican food sucks. I am looking for authentic mexican, not tex-mex. Unfortunately I am not that familiar with the Dallas area. Thanks in advance.

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  1. If one night, you'd want to stay local (Grapevine) to the airport, you could save taxi fare and take the Grapevine shuttle (small fee) to about anywhere in Grapevine - though the shuttle doesn't operate late evening.

    "Authentic" means so many different things to different people. It won't be Oaxaca or Mx City authentic, but take a look at El TacoH Taqueria or Burritos Locos. Tommy Tamale has great tamale options, BUT, it's all take out. Call ahead and Steve or JoAnne will have them heated and waiting for you. Something more upscale, cleaner flavors and assuredly not Tex-Mex is MiDia. (carnitas are my favorite

    FYI - Grapevine Main Street is home to multiple wine (tasting) rooms. Links to the shuttle and Grapevine in general:

    (Taxi fare to Ft Worth or Dallas downtowns runs about $40 one way. Super Shuttle (shared ride) is less $$)

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      Mi Dia was my thought as well ...

    2. Nothing really spectacular, but there is a decent Indian restaurant near DFW that we visit from time to time when we're early for a flight or get in late.

      Passand Indian
      2600 N Belt Line Rd
      Irving, TX 75062
      (972) 594-0693

      I haven't been in a year or so. Better call to make sure that they're still open.

      1. Dallas (Irving specifially) has one of the largest Nepali populations in the country. Very close to the airport you can find a lot of good Nepali food. My favorite is Everest Cafe. Make sure you get buff momos and bhutan (i'm not sure if they have it but it's goat organ meat, and delicious).

          1. I would recommend Mr. Max in Irving. It's an authentic Japanese home cooking restaurant. I've enjoyed everything I've ordered there, particularly the Japanese pickles (oshinko). The katsu curry and the ramen have also been recommended on this board in the past. It's a cool experience.

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              +1 Mr Max ... the curry noodles are amazing! Quite a popular joint with Japanese business visitors.