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Jan 1, 2013 01:47 PM

Fresh Seafood Market (Asheville)

We recently moved to the Candler/Asheville NC area, and are finding it difficult to find a good quality fresh seafood market.

Any suggestions?

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  1. There is a truck parked in Vinnies' Neighborhood Italian Restaurant parking lot on Merrimon on Saturdays that is selling seafood that I understand comes fresh from the coast. We have friends that make the trip from south Asheville to buy there.

    There are also people at the Wednesday tailgate market behind the Chamber of Commerce that bring fresh seafood from the coast that day. Of course they won't be open until sometime in the Spring. Carolina Wild Seafood website.

    Have you tried Greenlife? Their seafood section looks good. Or Earthfare?

    1. Fresh Market on Merriman

      1. Does anyone know if Cape Fear Seafood (I think that was the name) is still in business out on Charlotte Highway?

        Missing Blue Water on Charlotte Street....

        1. Sentelle's in Clyde, NC--they focus on using only sustainable fisheries, and get deliveries daily. Super friendly. Not in Asheville, but not too far from you if you're in Candler....

          1. Update on the truck at Vinnie's Neighborhood Italian, 64 Merrimon Avenue in Asheville:

            It is now there on Thursdays & Fridays as well as Saturday. He picks up fresh seafood on the coast the evening before it is available here.

            He will be at this location for the "winter" and then does a tailgate market. I think that it was Weaverville.

            Contact info is Dave Ingle, 828 777-1713, and The website comes up as "Fresh Seafood Express" and contains lots of information.

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            1. re: JTomWilson

              wow...thanks for that! Local triggerfish catches my interest in a big way.

              I just wish he was open longer on SAt. Just like the City market which closes at 1:00 (btw, they are apparently doing it inside the haywood park hotel lobby now), it's hard for me to make it in time. I guess there's probably not a big enough demographic of people who have to drive up from SC, mountain bike for 4 hours and then get there to make it worth their while to stay open. Although I do eat alot.... ;-)

              1. re: danna

                We have purchased from this guy several times now and I have to say everything has been excellent. The shrimp were super sweet, tasting more like lobster than store-bought shrimp they were so fresh. Having his grouper tonight!