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Jan 1, 2013 11:37 AM

Melting utensils.....

I'm new to using stainless cookware, I received a nice set for a gift. I used a nylon/plastic flipper and it left "skid marks" on my new skillet.....had to scrub and scrub get it off. I thought I was doing right by using something other than metal. I'm not going to baby the set, since it was an inexpensive Cuisinart set from SAMs club, but I don't want to melt all my utensils and or eat plastic with my food. I was using a med heat on a gas range. Was it too hot or are my tools cheap? LOL can you use an abrasive cleaner on SS?

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  1. Your tools are cheap -- and it's possible you had the heat too high. Other than stir fries or bringing things to a boil, there's not often a reason to turn the heat under your burners to full-on hot.

    Tefal makes good ones that won't melt.

    Yes, you can scrub the melted plastic off -- or let it cool completely then use a scraper - it should pop right off.

    1. Look for silicon utensils, which are more resistant to heat than plastic.

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      1. Had simiilar happen with a brush... thought it was natural bristle? Had cleaned up a new/found cast iron skillet. Got it screaming hot on top of stove and added a dab of bacon grease. The instant I tried to swirl it around in the pan with brush... bristles pretty much disappeared!?!

        1. There are alot of different plastics used in utensils and in fact there are quite a few different nylons that could be used. Nylon 6 melts at a little over 200 C while nylon 6/6 is closer to 240 C. So you can easily melt a plastic utensile if you leave it in contact with the surface of a hot pan for very long.

          You don't need plastic utensils for SS cookware.

          1. I am not quiet sure what you were saying in your original post. I am guessing that you said something about plastic utensils melting, and then something about stainless steel utensils.

            <I was using a med heat on a gas range>

            It really isn't the power, but the temperature melts the plastic. You can set the gas range on high heat, and a pot of boiling water won't melt your plastic utensils, or you can set the gas range on medium heat for an empty pan, and it will attend a temperature level hot enough to melt the plastic. Obviously, in your case, the plastic melted, so that's that.

            You don't have to use plastic utensils on stainless steel cookware. You can use meal utensils. Yes, you can use an abrasive cleaner on stainless steel cookware.