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Seville/sour oranges

Now is the season for Seville oranges. Anyone seen fresh ones in the area?

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  1. I haven't checked lately, but I've gotten them from the Somerville Market Basket in the past.

    1. I saw four or five lonely ones at the Market Basket in Burlington yesterday, but they looked a little sad in quality.

      1. sometimes Arax in Watertown has them.

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          They ALWAYS have them in season.

        2. I was at WF in Framingham a week ago and looked, but didn't see any.

          1. Whole Foods, River Street.

            1. They always have them at Somerville Market Basket, and did this a.m. Sour oranges, that is. They are right by the plantains (always reminds me to make mojo!) near the ice cream freezers.

              1. Russo's always has them, though they can be a trial to locate. They tend to keep them separate from the other citrus, I suspect so people won't accidentally mix them up with the tangerines and the like.

                1. They were at Market Basket Somerville today. The produce guy says they always have them but they are displayed near the ice cream cases in the last produce stand. He called them "cooking oranges."


                  1. Can they be eaten raw? Is the fruit bitter and/or sour?

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                      In order: I wouldn't recommend it, yes and yes. Seville oranges are what marmalade is traditionally made from. They're small, bitter and sour, and would not be nice eaten out of hand.

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                        They are a key ingredient in many Caribbean marinades and mojos. Very sour, very flavorful zest, meant for cooking, never heard of anyone eating one out of hand.

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                          Thanks for more insight Jenny and Striperguy, I almost bought a couple yesterday to try but I will most certainly add two to my cart next time.

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                            Classic mojo: bitter orange juice and zest, garlic, scallions, olive oil, simmer it all on the stove for a minute or so, use to drizzle over roast pork.