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Jan 1, 2013 10:35 AM

Dinner/coffee in DC area?

I'm visiting the DC area for the week and I'm looking for some cool places to eat. Does anyone know of any good dinner places for two? Also a good coffee place (not starbucks) would be great.

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  1. Where are you staying? Will you have a car? Do you mind taking metro or taxis? What is your budget? What are your preferences? What kinds of foods will you NOT eat? How do you define cool? There are hundreds of restaurants in the DC area.

    1. Sorry should have been more specific. I am staying in potomac and have a car. I don't mind taking the metro or taxi. I'm looking for a restaurant that is good for couples. Maybe 20$ to 30$ for a main. I'm open to most types of food but for the sake of narrowing the search lets say a bistro type restaurant. By cool I mean non-chain, interesting food, preferably a smaller restaurant.

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        OK. Potomac is a haul from downtown even with a car and if it is bad weather, you probably want to stay fairly close. However, Potomac is almost entirely a dining desert. One place that gets good buzz is Bezu. Going a little bit down the road, you can get very good Belgian food at Etoiles on McArthur Boulevard, in the far northwest corner of DC. I think both are close enough to bistro style. Also on McArthur, you will find Black Salt. Probably the best fish in town and a lovely atmosphere. In Bethesda, there are a couple hundred restaurants but few that are worth the effort. You might want to try Addie's on Rockville Pike - it is a funky little place with great food. Take a look at those four and if none suit you, write again and I'm sure others will have loads of ideas, including going downtown.

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          Oops. Make that Et Voila, not Etoiles. Wish I could claim it was too much partying last night but at my age, the party never even starts.

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          Also Founding Farmers is in Potomac and "offers fresh Farm-to-Table American inspired true food."

          They serve Intelligentsia direct-trade coffee in a french press.

        3. Are you looking for a cafe in Maryland or one in downtown DC? There are quite a few good ones downtown, but the only thing I know in Maryland is that Quartermaine Roasters is up there (in Bethesda).

          If you want something in the morning, maybe you'd want to stop by Politics & Prose (a nice book store) for some coffee on your way downtown.

          1. Snap on 18th St NW was very good!

            1. Potomac has Amici Miei, which has very good Italian food, fresh ingredients, and a creative menu. You might also like The Grilled Oyster at the Cabin John Shopping Center in Potomac. Just got a very good write-up in Bethesda Magazine.

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                Oh, right! I just gave The Grilled Oyster Company a good review here on CH. Wow. My memory really is going. Amici Mei is OK but hardly a bistro-like atmosphere. It's a huge open room.