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Jan 1, 2013 10:03 AM

Not to Miss Markets Aventura/ Hallendale/ Sunny Isles

In Miami for about a week. I am interested to try La Estancia Argentina and Graziano's; any other ideas? Looking for food markets off the beaten path.

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  1. Captain Jim's Seafood at 12950 W. Dixie Highway is a wonderful seafood market. They have their own fishing fleet. We had their stone crabs, ceviche and crab salad for New Year's Eve and all were excellent. BTW do not miss their conch chowder, the best in South Florida, in my opinion. You can also eat lunch or dinner there. No atmosphere but great seafood.

    1. Captain Jim's is good-
      so is triar seafood on McKinley in Hollywood

      Most markets in area r not great.They carry produce from Central America, Mexico, and the Islands.

      this site may also help

      1. Laurenzo's Italian Market in North Miami Beach (the "farmers' market" next door is very hit or miss and not actually a farmers' market).
        Delaware Chicken Farm in Hollywood.
        Not sure if Josh's Organic Garden in Hollywood is still ongoing or not.