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Jan 1, 2013 09:57 AM

Stuffed pork roast for tonight's dinner cooking times-help!

As usual, I've left this to the last minute....

I have two centre cut pork roasts with bread stuffing on one, the other on top and tied together, not opened like a book style.

Total weight is about 6 pounds and they're about 9" long and 5-6" high. I put a mixture of rosemary, thyme, oregano, s & p, olive oil, and smeared it all over yesterday. That's my standard mix for pork.

Usually I'll do a tenderloin at about 325 for 45 minutes or so, but I'm lost with this.

I'd be interested in reducing the heat to 250 or 275 to try to keep it moist, but I have no idea of the time per pound I should use. I have a meat thermometer, but I need to know how long this should take, as we've got family coming and I'd like to sit down by 6:45.

Also, should I add a bit of water, cover the beast with foil, put it on a rack???

Thanks for any help, and Happy New Year to all who are up and about:)

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  1. I generally cook pork loin at 225*, so I can only reference times for that.....if you choose to go with a higher setting, then obviously it wood finish sooner....but for the double tied loin, I suggest the lowest temperature possible to ensure even cooking. Rolled and tied roasts usually take a little longer to finish as well, so allowing for more time is crucial for best results.

    Stuffed Pork loin.....2.5 hours

    Double Loin.......3.5 hours.

    Hold the roasts for as long as you possibly can, a minimum of one hour, two hours is better. You can hold them in your oven at 140*.....10 Minutes before serving, finish with a high heat blast of 450. the roasts are ready to be presented, sliced and served.

    I would definitely some sort of rack, either a V-Rack or Grill Grate/Cookie Rack cooler over a sheetpan. With low temperature roasting, you will not get a lot of meat juices, but there will be some fond at the bottom of the pan. I do not like the idea of covering with foil or having water at the bottom of the pan during roasting. If you want to create a sauce...then add the stock or wine during the high heat blast and finish your sauce on the stove top.

    Place the Rolled and Tied Double Loin Roast in the oven for the first hour, followed by Stuffed Roast .