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Jan 1, 2013 09:14 AM

Hermit Cookies?

Growing up in the Boston area years ago, "hermits" were available in virtually every bakery. (If u don't know, they are a spicy ginger and clove cookie/cake), In my family, they were always around. You could by a dozen in those days for a $1.49 and eat them all week -- as they got staler they almost got better, you could dunk them in your coffee and tea.

I have been in NYC for 20 years, and I rarely see them around. Archway used to make a pretty bad bag of hermits, and sporadically saw them at Whole Foods in the bakery section a couple of years. But no more?

Anybody have any ideas as to bakeries that carry them regularly?

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  1. I remember them fondly from my days in California way back in the day. I'venever seen them on the East Coast.

    1. I realize this doesn't help the OP (and it's also in response to Motosport), but hermit cookies as you describes them are easily found in New England. Many bakeries in southern Maine make/sell them. I don't recall seeing them in NY.

      The Cookie Jar Bakery in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and Patten's Berry Farm, in Kennebunkport, sell hermits. I don't know if they'll ship, but perhaps you can contact them.

      Cookie Jar

      Patten's Berry Farm

      1. Thursdays at Columbia U's farmers market Millport Dairy from PA is there with eggs and chesses, but I've taken a liking to their shoo fly pie, and have been glancing at their ginger molasses cookies. Maybe they might do?