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Jan 1, 2013 09:04 AM

Veggie Cuisine Coming To Rosemead

One of the first new Chinese restaurants to open in the San Gabriel Valley in 2013 will likely be Veggie Cuisine on Rosemead Blvd., just north of the San Bernardino Freeway. The sign is already up so it should be opening soon. The location was not previously a Chinese restaurant.

Also I'm also waiting for the opening of Metro Super Market in Temple City and its promised food court. This is the former supermarket location at the corner of Lower Azusa and Temple City Blvd. adjacent to the House of Mandarin Noodle. The supermarket was featured in a front page story in the Los Angeles Business Journal last summer profiling the owner, a wealthy car dealer from China, who is sinking up to $2 million into the risky project (given that the predecessor market went belly up) as a condition of gaining U.S. residence for himself and his family. The article indicated an opening in November, but that hasn't happened. probably due to bureaucratic delays.

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  1. The MSM will probably wait until CNY to open.

    When I was there a couple of weeks ago, I peeked in and couldn't really see the setup for a food court. Wonder if it's going to be just a steam table and a some chafing dishes.

    I was expecting a food court like the one inside the Arcadia Ranch 99.

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      Sounds like they downsized the food court. New signage says there's going to be a fast food place inside the market, which would be the same set up as the old Suzie's Kitchen in the predecessor market.

    2. I don't think it's a new vegetarian restaurant per se. I believe it's the old vegetarian restaurant that was on the corner of Las Tunas and Baldwin Ave. in Arcadia. The owners said that they wanted a location with more visibility.

      1. Thanks. Presume you're talking about Supreme Vege. Under my scoring system,a restaurant with a new name in a new city counts as a new restaurant!

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          Sounds good. I'd recommend simplifying your criteria: if a new health permit is required, it's a new restaurant.

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            Since I've been keeping my Excel schedule, I needed to come up with a uniform convention to define a new restaurant. What I decided is that a name change or a city change counts as a new restaurant, regardless of a change of management which is usually too difficult to discern. So if somebody buys an existing restaurant and changes the menu, but not the name, in my book it's the same place. Likewise, moving to a new location in the same city doesn't make it new.

        2. The vegetarian restaurant is now open.

          1. Anyone been to the new Veggie Restaurant yet? Drove by yesterday.

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            1. re: revets2

              Yes I went there about a week after they opened. The service was a bit slow, but I'd say the food is at least as good as comparable veggie places.

              My vegetarian co workers enjoyed it, but also said they preferred happy family for certain items and overall taste. I'm not vegetarian and really don't know what the standard is, that being said, I'd go back just to try different things.

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                Lunar Feast Veggie Cuisine, which I believe is the new incarnation of Supreme Vege Cuisine (Chinese name -- Yipin Zhai -- hasn't changed), is about the same as the old location down on Las Tunas. Not sure if the owner / chef are the same - the older woman I see there now is not the same one who was at the old place most of the time.

                I think the place is Ok, but the location is awkward. The decor is thankfully spare, and not too tacky. Service seems good - maybe a little better than at the other location. Some of the food (especially at dinner) is presented in a very nice way, but there's really nothing special going on here in terms of the taste. I think the food at the old location was a bit better when they first opened, but had already kind of declined before the move.