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Jan 1, 2013 08:40 AM

Millville Restaurants

Wll be going next month to a Sunday Matinee concert at the newly reopened Levoy Theater in Millville. Haven't been i this town for a long time.
I remember that there were no restaurants that I would choose then. Has this changed? Not looking for anything fancy or upscale, just someplace with quality food. Unique would be a plus.

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  1. Jim's Lunch has an outstanding cheesesteak, and good food in general.

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        I forgot to mention get them with the house sauce.

    1. As rediculous as this might be I had a friend in a certain federal institution down in that area. As I would go every other week to visit I spent 18 out of 36 months driving through Millville and besides Jim's lunch I don't think there is another single eatery in that town. I think you need to expand your search to include the Vineland area which is the "big town" in that area but equally sparse in dining options.

      Millville literally reminds me of Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show........back when the show was still on the air!

      1. Well, last year someone on the board asked for recs for Millville. We have friends that live down there and this is what they suggested:

        Winfield’s Restaurant on High St . , near Main St . This is right in the center of town, so not far from the race track.

        The following are in Vineland:

        Lou Ferretti's Mori's On East Ave & Landis Ave in Vineland , next to the restored Landis Theater.

        Dakota Steak House, Rt. 55 and Landis Ave. in Vineland …..right off the highway, therefore very accessible to Millville and the track. They also have good sushi.

        The Newport House gets varied reviews from locals on the food, some swear by it, others say it’s just OK, but everyone seems to like the setting on the water.

        Annata Wine Bar and Restaurant in Hammonton is excellent.

        Hope the above is of some help to you.