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Jan 1, 2013 07:52 AM

What did you make for New Years Eve or January 1st?

I'd like to know what you all ended up making last night, or for the New Year today.

We attended a 4-family party and were asked to bring appetizers. I tried to keep it somewhat simple. Ended up bringing baked brie en croute and a range of bruschetta, both of which turned out well and were demolished, so happy with these choices. How about you?

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  1. I did moules marinieres with frites and aioli, accompanied by a lobster chowder. It was excellent!

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      Sounds delicious - wish chow had a 'like' button! How do you prepare your mussels, by the way? I've always wondered if there's an easier way to prep mussels and clams than having them sit in cold vinegared water or on ice (depending on which book I follow), scrubbing, pulling beards, etc.

      1. re: Julia_T

        Yes! I followed this recipe and it was super quick and so tasty.

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        I love that menu! All favorites for me!

      3. Spare ribs, Hoppin John, Corn Bread, vin de Pays rose', gin martinis.

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          gad I used to love gin martini's.
          they are so good with extra olives of course.
          maybe I should start drinking them again, nope, better not.

        2. Last night: cheese fondue with prosecco; apple fennel salad; & chocolate pots de creme. Today hubby is working so i shall have popcorn for lunch!

          1. Family tradition: cotechino (Italian large sausage made with pork skin and delicately spiced) and lentils (lentils = coins = prosperity), with a side salad of bitter greens and ripe pears -- too tired to wrestle with the pomegranate for the seeds I meant to sprinkle on top. Served with a divine Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Pecan and cranberry tart to follow. Happy New Year one and all!

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              Sounds wonderful! What's your lentil recipe?

              1. re: Julia_T

                I use the recipe from The Splendid Table for Lentils Modena Style: those litle French lentils, lots of aromatics including leeks, fresh sage and rosemary, a bit of chopped tomato and chicken stock, drizzle with balsamico at the end. Since the cotechino is fully-cooked I just bury it in the lentils for the last 25 minutes of cooking. I always make extra lentils and turn some into soup with added spinach or other greens and if there is a bit of cotechino left, chop that into the soup.

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                +1 for lentils & cotechino (or coteghino). Used a fresh cotechino from Diavola in Geyserville - excellent! Great comfort food...

              3. We are going to a neighbor's house for a party today. Making spring rolls to take and share. I'll be putting together the filling later this morning and rolling and frying them right before we go over.