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What did you make for New Years Eve or January 1st?

I'd like to know what you all ended up making last night, or for the New Year today.

We attended a 4-family party and were asked to bring appetizers. I tried to keep it somewhat simple. Ended up bringing baked brie en croute and a range of bruschetta, both of which turned out well and were demolished, so happy with these choices. How about you?

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  1. I did moules marinieres with frites and aioli, accompanied by a lobster chowder. It was excellent!

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      Sounds delicious - wish chow had a 'like' button! How do you prepare your mussels, by the way? I've always wondered if there's an easier way to prep mussels and clams than having them sit in cold vinegared water or on ice (depending on which book I follow), scrubbing, pulling beards, etc.

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        Yes! I followed this recipe and it was super quick and so tasty.


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        I love that menu! All favorites for me!

      3. Spare ribs, Hoppin John, Corn Bread, vin de Pays rose', gin martinis.

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          gad I used to love gin martini's.
          they are so good with extra olives of course.
          maybe I should start drinking them again, nope, better not.

        2. Last night: cheese fondue with prosecco; apple fennel salad; & chocolate pots de creme. Today hubby is working so i shall have popcorn for lunch!

          1. Family tradition: cotechino (Italian large sausage made with pork skin and delicately spiced) and lentils (lentils = coins = prosperity), with a side salad of bitter greens and ripe pears -- too tired to wrestle with the pomegranate for the seeds I meant to sprinkle on top. Served with a divine Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Pecan and cranberry tart to follow. Happy New Year one and all!

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              Sounds wonderful! What's your lentil recipe?

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                I use the recipe from The Splendid Table for Lentils Modena Style: those litle French lentils, lots of aromatics including leeks, fresh sage and rosemary, a bit of chopped tomato and chicken stock, drizzle with balsamico at the end. Since the cotechino is fully-cooked I just bury it in the lentils for the last 25 minutes of cooking. I always make extra lentils and turn some into soup with added spinach or other greens and if there is a bit of cotechino left, chop that into the soup.

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                +1 for lentils & cotechino (or coteghino). Used a fresh cotechino from Diavola in Geyserville - excellent! Great comfort food...

              3. We are going to a neighbor's house for a party today. Making spring rolls to take and share. I'll be putting together the filling later this morning and rolling and frying them right before we go over.

                1. Last night ended up being thick cut ribeye steaks, grilled, PW hot crash potatoes and simply steamed green beans. Opened a really nice 2008 Alpha Omega Cab.

                  This am was Jimmy Deans spicy sausage, eggs, bagels and coffee.

                  1. Last night we went next door to a party. I took smoked salmon mousse and crackers.

                    This morning - overnight french toast casserole and bacon.

                    Later - glazed ham, hoppin john, braised cabbage, creamed corn

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                      Which french toast casserole recipe do you use? I made one this year that I think was Giada's, with blueberries. Good, but a little mushy, so still searching.

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                        Mine is really simple. Melt a stick of butter, add a cup of brown sugar, mix together and put that on the bottom of your pan. Cut the crusts off a loaf of Texas Toast. Layer half the toast on the butter sugar mixture. Wisk 5 eggs, 1t vanilla and a large can of evaporated milk. Pour half over the bread. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and blueberries. Top with the other half of the bread, the rest of the milk/egg mixture and sprinkle again with cinnamon sugar. Cover the pan with foil and put it in the fridge overnight.

                        Bake in the morning for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. I leave it covered for the first 30 minutes. I also add a bit of butter on top before I bake it.

                    2. Last night was a parade of appetizers. Smoked trout spread with pita chips, skewered bites of genoa salami wrapped around a sliver of pecorino and olive, blue cheese crackers with fig jam, lamb meatballs with feta and ras el hanout, smoked trout puff pastry pinwheels and andouille rounds en croute with fig mustard to dip.

                      This morning: freshly baked chocolate croissants and a scramble/migas concoction with andouille, red pepper and baby spinach. Started the year as we ended the last -- enjoying terrific food with family.

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                        Wow - sounds like you have a sous-chef! I would love several of those recipes! Would you be willing to share your recipe for the smoked trout spread, pinwheels, or croissants?

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                          The chocolate croissants are from Trader Joe's. Thaw and proof overnight- bake in the morning. They are excellent.

                          The smoked trout spread is roughly
                          8 oz cream cheese (I used light)
                          2-3 T sour cream (light also fine)
                          1-2 finely minced shallots
                          1t old bay seasoning
                          3 oz smoked trout, flaked
                          I usually blend the mixture before adding the fish in the food processor. This time I blended after and it made for a smoother spread. Still good but less chunky texture v

                          The pinwheels were just an mprovised way to use up some puff pastry. I used half of one sheet of puff pastry, the result of slicing the sheet lengthwise. Spread the pastry with a good dollop or 2 of the aforementioned smoked trout spread. Sprinkled that with finely minced shallots and some shredded gruyere. Roll up starting with the long side to make a long thin roll. Use a sharp knife to cut the roll crosswise into pinwheels. Bake at 400 for about 10-12 mins.

                      2. Flat iron steaks grilled to medium rare and rubbed with a combo of Slap Ya Mama and Montreal steak seasoning.

                        Sides were creamed spinach and my own basil pesto that I have squirreld away since the final Nov. basil havest from my garden tossed with linguni.

                        Dessert was home made white choclate chip and dried cranberry (Crasin) cookies and a high quality local french pot style vanilla ice cream.

                        Not fussy, easy to toss together and really hard to ^&*& up.
                        #Winning. LOL.


                        1. Last night was cheese fondue (delicious and fun!) This morning I made cranberry almond scones for some of the neighbors and tonight will be black eyed peas and kale.

                          1. Because DH is working out of the country, I made dinner for one. Started with an arugula and microgreens salad dressed in a hazelnut, lemon-balsamic vinaigrette. The main was a wild mushroom risotto with prawns poached in a lobster broth, drizzled with a touch of imported white truffle oil and a side of sauteed greens. For dessert I poached a bosc pear in a zinfandel wine sauce spiced with fresh ginger, cinnamon and a splash of vanilla. Finished with a delicious hot buttered rum before calling it a night.

                            DH was jealous, I think he said they had fried chicken for mid-rats. I don't have to cook today, getting together with family and friends.

                            1. Last night we tried Emeril's oysters bienville. Baked it in an eight inch pie pan as a casserole. With it we had baked potatoes and sauteed spinach. Leftover Christmas goodies for dessert. Tonight we're having navy beans cooked with the Christmas ham bone, cornbread, and turnip greens. Happy New Year, y'all!

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                                Sounds delicious... like a Louisiana meal. Happy New Year to you too!

                              2. My brother and I made bouilliabaise from a little recipe book he picked up at the aquarium in Newport Oregon. It had a saffron and stock based broth, no tomatoes. We used fish and seafood available from a couple of nearby supermarkets. It was different and quite satisfying on a cold night.

                                1. We had a nice brunch today with hoppin John, a breakfast casserole from Smitten Kitchen cookbook ( basically a strata made with bagels, cram cheese , cherry tomato, red onion with custard), several kinds of smoked fish as well as good bacon. We also had a cranberry orange bread and more bagels and cream cheese and a nice winter fruit salad with apples and pears as well as dried apricots and figs in a spiced syrup. We drank prosecco, mulled cider with whipped cream and brandy and coffee.
                                  A good first meal for 2013.

                                  1. Invited to a couple's gathering for NYE (like the OP) I brought a simple baked goat cheese, a head of roasted garlic and a baguette.

                                    This morning we made a scramble of eggs, onion, green chili and cheddar cheese. Served with vegetarian chili and basic cornbread.

                                    All of the above was washed done with bubbles (Cava, Champagne, sparkling wine...).

                                    1. Last night we did our traditional "grazing" - American Hackleback, Alaskan Salmon, & French Trout roe/caviar; smoked lox salmon; whipped cream cheese & crackers; a nice cheeseboard (Humboldt Fog, Pecorino Peppercorn, Dill Havarti, aged sharp Cheddar, & a few others); & baked clams. Toasted in the new year with a bottle of Ruffino Prosecco.

                                      Today we're having our annual traditional New Year's Day dish - my own version of "French Cassoulet", which I'm just about to start putting together. Will serve with a green salad & a good locally-made crusty baguette.

                                      1. Made scallops with garlic butter, roasted artichokes and yukon gold mashed potatoes for NYE dinner - the scallops were the best part for sure. Pumpkin mousse parfait for dessert.

                                        Today - have the leftover artichoke leaves so am steaming and making a cheater lemon aioli. Hoppin john is currently cooking. Probably making some cornbread. And I think there is Rotel dip in the future when the Rose bowl starts.

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                                        1. Arrived home from vacation fairly late yesterday evening so we pulled together a quick meal of fried egg sandwiches with melted Cheshire and some roasted fingerling potatoes and roasted garlic aioli... w a J. Lohr cab sauv to wash it all down, dinner was un-fussy but satisfying.

                                          I tend to believe that the way you spend New Year's Day sets the tone for the year so this day is always well-planned. That said, it looks as though 2013 will be a year of "tossing plans aside" in favour of what feels right in the moment if our meals today are at all indicative.

                                          For breakfast, we'd planned to have our usual Canadian Bacon and Eggs breakfast w Champagne and OJ but neither of us were hungry enough for that so we went with (home made) lemon loaf and lattes instead.

                                          Since breakfast was light, we were hungrier than usual later and the planned salad didn't seem like it would be filling enough for our lunch so we opted for pizza and Pinot.

                                          With a larger than normal lunch in our bellies, our planned dinner of steaks and scampi tails has now been postponed for tomorrow night and we'll be having cold turkey sandwiches with potato chips and prosecco for dinner.

                                          Here's to a happy and healthy 2013 with lots of great meals...planned or spontaneous!!

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                                            "I tend to believe that the way you spend New Year's Day sets the tone for the year so this day is always well-planned. That said, it looks as though 2013 will be a year of "tossing plans aside" in favour of what feels right in the moment if our meals today are at all indicative."

                                            Love love love this!
                                            Best wishes for 2013!

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                                              Thanks pedalfaster...here's to a spontaneous 2013...Happy New Year!

                                          2. I did lobster steamed in wine and stuffed with bread crumbs made from corn flakes. 1979 vintage Deutz blanc de blanc as drinking wine.

                                            Had a soup of potato broccoli chowder followed by kale ravioli in pesto with blistered tomatoes for the first two courses with a white cotes du rhone.

                                            1. I did a salad of Boston lettuce, walnuts, Danish bleu, Bosc pear and red wine vinaigrette. For dinner i made an open-face raviloi, a 7x12 sheet of fresh pasta folded over a combo of fresh picked lobster knuckles and cape bay scallops. I sauced it with a home made newburg thickened with some mascarpone. Rich and yummy.

                                              1. I used up every leftover in the house to make a feast of finger food. Best New Years dinner in years
                                                Leftover Cuban pork...Hot pressed Cuban sandwiches on mini party pumpernickel bread.
                                                Leftover shredded Cuban beef...mixed with cream cheese, heavy cream, cheddar, garlic and arugula in a tortilla pinwheel wrap
                                                Leftover Fajita beef mixed with either, fresh guacamole or peach/mango salsa served with freshly fried corn tortilla chips and.. tiny " baked" fingerling potatoes on tooth picks served with sour cream and cheddar

                                                1. I made a large pork roast. I'll slice the leftovers paper thin for sandwiches later in the week.

                                                  1. Tonight's dinner was crab stuffed lobster tails and twice baked potatoes with a simple salad. A nice Sancerre to go with.

                                                    1. I didn't make thing one either day.
                                                      we were driving home last night and stopped for gas, the dog to use the grass, and me to buy Baco Tell.
                                                      Today the man and I went out to brunch and brought half of it home. Not typical for me to not cook on these two days but being away through us all off. We've both got the next several days off of work and like the looks of foxybees lobster chowder. Think I'll hit Von's tomorrow for some lobster and do the meal I should have done today tomorrow instead.

                                                      Happy New Year..........

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                                                        I should say - the one thing I revised on that recipe was that I put about two cups of the chowder into a blender and then back into the chowder to thicken it up. One of my favourite tricks... enjoy!

                                                      2. Last night...carnitas with pico de gallo, guacamole and black beans. I was going to make flour tortillas from scratch but discovered at the last minute that I was out of veg. shortening. Oh well. Jamacia reposado margaritas to drink.

                                                        This morning (home made) chocolate muffins with chocolate glaze went well with coffee, fruit and parade watching.

                                                        This afternoon we had some Honey Baked ham, leftover scalloped sweet and regular potatoes and fresh green beans.

                                                        And 2 desserts detailed over on the baking thread.

                                                        1. Last night was smoked trout and apple spread; lumpfish caviar-filled deviled eggs; lobster tails steamed in wine, butter; garlic and thyme; double-baked potatoes; asparagus; and Meyer lemon meringue pie and a nice California sparkling wine.

                                                          Brunch today was omelets with lobster meat, asparagus, tomatoes and brie topped with ... lumpfish caviar. It was a great day for leftovers.

                                                          Dinner was order-in pizza and beer,

                                                          1. I made a seafood soup to take to our friend's house for NYE. She made French onion soup. Though she had plans to play some board games during the evening , the party of seven ended up eating and talking around the kitchen table all evening. We started out with cheeses, crackers and grilled shrimps with a killer BBQ sauce first, then the two soups. After some yak-and-digest time, we had the smoked pork butt and rotisseried lamb that the host/hubby prepared, along with the wife's famous raisin coleslaw. Last up was the buttermilk pineapple sherbet that Mr. Jmc made, and my Free Range Fruitcake (Alton Brown ) and blonde brownies. Closer to midnight we had the Red Velvet cake that I'd made for my New Year's Day birthday.

                                                            On New Year's Day, we went back to our friend's house for brunch. She lined muffin tins with prosciutto, placed in a cube of cheese, a spoonful of pesto and cracked in an egg, and baked them. She served them with toast and sliced fruits, and an assortment of jams. Later, for dinner, we went to her sister's house for a one-dish dinner of blackeyed peas, greens and Andouille sausage topped with cornbread. Sides were raisin coleslaw and roasted kale chips, and chocolate cupcakes with coffee frosting for dessert.
                                                            All in all, an excellent two days with good food and great company.

                                                            1. We usually do the southern ham, black eyes, rice, cabbage and corn bread. This year I changed it up and did pernil, and my own little experiment on Puerto Rican rice. Still had the black eyes, cabbage, and corn bread. We were really pleased with the results. A nice change with enough tradition kept in. The rice was really flavorful. I'll have to write that one down before I forget.

                                                              1. A LOT of great menus!

                                                                We traveled for both Christmas and New Years so we had no leftovers from either and a pretty empty fridge come New Years day. So it made it easier to start the year off healthier with huge salads and veggie packed pasta bake.

                                                                1. Steak, shrimp and asparagus (all cooked in my Big Green Egg) New Year's Eve, Pulled pork New Year's Day. I started the pork (a 7.5 lb picnic roast) at around 9:45 PM and it took about 12 hours to get to the internal temp of 190. Served it with hoppin john (first time I made it), mashed potatoes and slaw. I also served bloody marys, and I found that a dash of sriracha really adds a nice kick to them.

                                                                  1. This is funny... when I was a kid we ALWAYS had roast pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. It was awful. I was always told it was traditional either in Irish or German households to have this as the New Years Day dinner.

                                                                    And not one mention of same in all of the replies!

                                                                    Anyway, to preserve the tradition I made an ersatz choucroute garnie. I had a couple of country ribs, two links of sweet italtian sausage and two slices of bacon. So I whipped it together with some rinsed kraut, butter, onions, potatoes, spices (black peppercorns, coriander seeds, mustard seeds and cardamom) and fresh dill.

                                                                    Honestly, it was really good. I sort of vaguely followed an Emeril recipe I found online, but halved it and modified to suit my "inventory." Served it with some sauteed green beans and a whole lot of DVR-ed TV shows.

                                                                    1. NYE--friends made fondue at their home. I brought a fig-goat cheese-prosciutto tart as an app and chocolate mousse tartlets for dessert,

                                                                      NYD--indeed spontaneous as we were scheduled to go to an early dinner at other friends' home; when they had to postpone, I pulled two duck legs from the freezer. I roasted those and made a dish of braised cabbage and some pan-fried asparagus. That and a little wine made for a delicious dinner (and we were able to congratulate ourselves on a low-carb dinner for a change).