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Jan 1, 2013 07:44 AM

Honeybell Oranges

Can these seasonal oranges be bought here locally,,,,or only thru the online sites in Cushmans....

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  1. These are hard to get in Florida. They don't ship well and the season lasts less than a month.

    Local favorite is Harvey's that has been shipping forever.

    1. Mixon Fruit Farms in Bradenton, FL is shipping them from Jan. 7 through Jan. 18 this year.

      1. Have you tried them yet? I finally broke down and bought a box from Cushmans last year. I thought they were overripe and not quite up to the hype in the ads. I think if you can find really good navel oranges in your local store you probably will like them better.

        But -- like my -- maybe you ought to try them once anyways.

        1. The Lions Club sells citrus at the end of January at Glebe and Lee Hwy.

          I got honeybells and pink grapefruit last year - very good.

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            I get some every january from Hale's groves in Florida. Google and order. They are fabulous...probably too late for this year though!

            1. re: crosby_p

              Hale's is a grove in Vero Beach. They have wonderful Indian River citrus. January is the peak of the harvest and the juice plants are rocking around clock. Florida Honey bells are rarely seen in supermarkets up north. Best to order direct from one of the growers. The Lions Club deal is pretty good because they haul them up overnight.

            2. re: tcamp

              the lions sell again in january? great to know! i bought from them at that spot in early december.

              1. re: alkapal

                I saved the link to Lions from last year when you posted about this sale spot. I used to work in Arlington and went by there regularly but am now down near Belvoir. Planning a special trip later this month.

            3. Mineola tangerines are essentially the same thing. I tried them side by side a couple years ago at whole foods and preferred the minneola.

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              1. re: cantkick

                I've also had the Minneola tangerines (actually, I think they're tangelos), and they look and taste just like Honeybells (which I love). I've found them in H-Mart in January-February for much less than a box of Cushman's.

                1. re: DSattler

                  I read Honeybells are tangelos which are a cross between tangerines and grapefruits.

                  1. re: Patrincia

                    It's possible. There are well over 400 recognized citrus varieties. All you need are three or four different trees in your yard and you'll come up with your own.

                    1. re: flavrmeistr

                      so true about the unique varieties in backyards. in s.w. florida, we had access to one particular tree that had the very best, juiciest, easiest to peel, sweetest oranges with that honeybell-like top (but a looser skin). ONE tree. never had any other oranges like them, and sadly we no longer have access to this tree.

                      in that yard, there were mangoes, grapefruit, navels, juice oranges, maybe tangerines….

                      1. re: alkapal

                        Yep. Sounds like my yard in West Palm Beach. I had six varieties of citrus, three on one tree alone. The fruit was different every year. It was crazy in a good way. My next door neighbor had a white grapefruit tree she planted in the early '50s. They always came in as big as your head, juicy and sweeter than any I ever had. How I miss South Florida this time of year!