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Jan 1, 2013 06:11 AM

Can I Still Use These Peas??

I had the best intentions of making split pea soup. Soaked the peas, and then promptly got caught up in a million other things and they sat in my dutch oven for a couple of days.

This morning, I opened the lid and there was a bit of a smell and a little bit of bubbling on the top of the water.

Emptied the pot and rinsed them. Can I still use them or should I toss them and start over??

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  1. I would start over. Even if these don't make you sick, chances are they're not going to taste very good.

    1. Toss 'em. At least it's not an expensive mistake.

      1. Get rid. The "bubbling" is the being of a rather unpleasant fermentation.

        1. They sound bad to me.
          By the way, split peas and lentils don't need to be soaked, in fact it makes them less good. And I am someone who always soaks beans.

          1. Definitely toss them!!

            For starters, split peas - like lentils - do not require any pre-soaking. Whole dried peas, yes; split dried peas, no.

            Second, those peas have started to ferment on you, & while they won't kill you, your soup will have a very "off" flavor, & could make you a bit ill.

            I once soaked a pound of Great Northern Beans overnight, & the next day was under the weather & forgot all about them. When I opened the lid of that pot the following day, whew - a strong fermenty smell & the same bubbly/foamy stuff on top of the water. I didn't even consider using them.

            Dried peas/beans are cheap. Buy fresh ones & start over. And remember - no soaking needed. :)