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Jan 1, 2013 04:58 AM

Sunday afternoon drinks

Will be in Paris in January for 1 night, by myself. Dinner will be at Semilla, and I'm staying in that neighborhood. Would love some suggestions for bars / cafe's that might be open on Sunday afternoon, where I can have some wine and read or write a bit before dinner.. or a Sunday market maybe? Preferably within walking distance (and to me that means about a 30 min walk maximum) of Semilla.

Looking to make the most of my 24 hours in Paris, even it's an inconvenient Sunday :)

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  1. Cafe des Editeurs is just off Blvd St Germain near the Odeon Metro stop.

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      I like the look of this! And are you the Paris forest I think you are? :)

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        I have been to Paris a few times and have enjoyed that cafe which is near the hotel I stay at. I would love to spend more time there. Forest Davenport

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          oh, sorry. A friend of a friend of a friend is called Forest and lives in Paris, hence the confusion :) will definitely check out that cafe!

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          Klary - You're thinking of Coctail Forest of another website we used to use.

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              yeah, I had figured it out, couldn't see the forest through the forest, sorry for the confusion :)

      2. There are a dozen cafes on Place St Michel and the street connecting it to Place St Andre des Arts...

        Of course, if you want the landmarks and don't mind paying double for a drink, there are always the Cafe de Flore (Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir) or Les Deux Magots (Hemingway, Picasso). Both right in St Germain des Pres corner of St Germain and St Benoit.

        1. No street markets are open on Sunday afternoon. The closest to you, the Marché Bio Raspail wraps up at about 1pm

          Looking for a café or bar in St Germain des Prés is like looking for a drag queen at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Lots of them! But I would avoid the usually tacky St Michel tourist universe. My own personal favourites for hanging out (in Semilla walking distance order) are: La Palette on the rue de Seine (just down the street from Semilla); Le Flore on the boulevard St Germain @ rue St Benoit; le Petit Suisse on the rue Vaugirard @ rue des Médicis; and le Rostand on the rue Médicis/ place Edmond Rostand. Depending on the weather, it might an excuse for a good walk down the rue Tournon, through the Luxembourg gardens, and down to the boulevard Montparnasse for a bit of hanging out at the Le Select or La Rotonde or even la Closerie des Lilas for the Hemingway thing. And a no-change 5-minute métro ride from Vavin to St Germain des Prés for Semilla in case of bad weather or footsie fatigue.

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          1. For something simple and unpretentious, with a nice mix of tourists and locals, try Le Danton right at the Odéon. It's more or less across the street from Les Editeurs. In my 30 years of frequenting the place, I've never seen the staff impolite to patrons or anything less than professional.

            1. Hi Klary! (and John and other Forest!) :) Looks like you have some good suggestions for cafes for what you need - also you could check out un Dimanche a Paris for an afternoon cafe stop where you could do a bit of work (and watch them make their chocolate and browse in the chocolate shop.) It's not exactly non-touristy, but I've been in there on afternoons for a tea or hot chocolate and it was calm and quiet - plus it's in a nice passage. As for other drinking, I'll send you a private message to figure out a pre-dinner drink together! :)