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Jan 1, 2013 12:32 AM

New Years Day Buffet Brunch

The last time I looked, lots of places, and all hotels, had large Sunday bunch buffets. The quality varied, of course, but you knew you could go to a hotel and get an omelet made as you wished, sliced turkey and/or prime rib, an assortment of salads and even some cooked shrimp. Then you could have multiple desserts.

But when I looked for one today, especially one convenient to Century City but I got over that requirement quickly, I was unable to find the traditional buffets that I remember.

I know I didn't make these buffets up; they aren't that great. And I am sure someone out there knows whether there are any left, and if so, where. I would be grateful for any information available. Thanks, and happy new year.

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  1. Terranea down in Palos Verdes has a New Year's Day brunch buffet or, in the other direction, the Universal City Hilton does as well. Traditional (more or less) Sunday buffets definitely still exist, notably the ones at Culina and Scarpetta in Beverly Hills and Trump National down in Palos Verdes, in addition to the Sunday buffets at Terranea and the Hilton.