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Dec 31, 2012 11:42 PM

January 2013 Dish of the Month - SOUP

Happy New Year everyone

It looks like Soup is the winner in our little poll. So go forth and sample soup anywhere in the county from the International border to Camp Pendleton and see what you can find. Then come back to this thread and post what you've found.

Remember, this isn't exactly a "best of" contest, just an opportunity to focus on 1 particular dish.

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  1. Had lunch at DBar over the weekend and ordered the soup and sandwich.

    Soup was Tomato Basil. Nice flavor, a little texture, bits of basil. Soup, however, was not hot enough. Sandwich was a grilled cheese panino and it was oozy good with 3 cheeses.

    Sandwich was a bit hard to dip in the soup and the soup a bit too thick for dipping, but it was a nice combo on a cold day. Soup still needed to be hotter.

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Sorry, but "over the weekend" is not January 2013.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        You're right, it's not.

        You're the one who put up the other soup thread, you should have a pretty good list of places to try, so let's see what's in your bowl ;-)

    2. Man I'm in North County soup is gonna be hard....I shall try. Menudo and Pho count right? I know how that comes across but I am really just trying to classify soup. Because I actually have go to places for both the later. I know it's not about the best but still.

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      1. re: chris2269

        Soup is soup, pho, menudo, pozole...they all count.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Does chili count?

            I don't want to get into a debate whether chili is or is not "soup" (or stew or whatever), just wanna know if it counts.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I don't recall that chili came up in the initial discussion as a soup, we probably can't count it as a soup for the purposes of this thread.

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            Menudo, Pho, Chili, whatever... get your soup on!

          3. Flame jacket zipped up. I am a great fan of French onion soup. I wish I wasn't so busy (lazy?) as I should make it more at home. In the meantime, i almost always order French onion soup if its on the menu. There have been some significant disappointments at some supposedly high-quality "French" restaurants. Believe or not, my favorite, in San Diego, and i dined there just a couple days ago, is the French onion soup at Mimi's in Mission Valley. Big crouton, lots of melted cheese, lots of onion, tasty stock. Probably a lot of sugar too, compared to some of its competitors although there is no overt sugar taste. I lived in Paris for a couple of years, so that should give me the creds to judge this???

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              Sugar???? not!

              Today it's chic soup!

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                ' I lived in Paris for a couple of years, so that should give me the creds to judge this???'

                Éminence grise
                ; )

                1. Thanks DD for organizing. Soup is the perfect cold weather first dish of the month pick! (although, I'm from Michigan so cold is all relative...:)

                  Had the fish soup at Karinas Mexican Seafood Cuisine in Leucadia today. I've walked in with a number of folks sitting in front of big bowls of fish soup.

                  It was..... ok to not so good. Didn't seem too much more than Pollock broth. Sure.... throw enough cilantro, onion, lime, salsa in broth and you can pass most a soup. However, above and beyond this - not so much...

                  I am able to get my el pastor taco fix here but so far not much else. I'll probably try the sopa de birria (a la goat) at some point in time to try one last non-pastor selection.

                  Other recent soups (although not this month) include Pho at Kim's Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant in encinitas. I was on the search for good pho nearby without having to trek elsewhere. I guess I'd probably go again if was feeling lazy and didn't want to drive. but otherwise no. Any other good Pho in the Del Mar to Carlsbad area?

                  Other recents include pork bone potato soup at Chon Ju Jip and wonton and bbq pork egg noodle soup at Minh Ky. I would eat these again.

                  The month is young! Now that I know soup is the dish of the month, I'll try to find some good eats!

                  1. Mushroom soup..
                    Any one have some great shrum soup so I'm not driving all around the County..
                    Nobody has time for that.

                    Lourdes and La Especial Norte on the 101 has some of the best chicken soup.