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Dec 31, 2012 10:16 PM

my dough is breaking!

Im making koulourakia, a traditional greek christmas cookie which is traditionally formed into a shape similar to the awareness ribbons (think like a breast cancer ribbon with an extra cross over or two). when i go to twist the dough after i have rolled it into a thin long log, the top of the loop breaks! any suggestions? image credit goes to las vegas greek festival site

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    1. With out the recipe hard to tell.
      Dough sounds too dry. How do you measure your Flour? Etc....

      1. What happens when you try to pinch it back together? A recipe would be helpful. Is the dough yeasted?

        1. I've never made these, but my suggestion is this - would the dough be more pliable if it is warmed slightly by kneading it in the palm of your hands? You can always pop the formed cookies into the fridge if you need to chill it a bit before baking.