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Dec 31, 2012 07:11 PM

Source for Macadamia nuts

Does anyone know where I can get packaged or bulk unsalted macadamia nuts in Toronto? I don't really want them in bulk if anyone can dip into them with one of those shovels or their hands. I don't mind the way The Big Carrot dispenses their bulk nuts because they just drop down from a shute and no one can stick their dirty hands into the nuts and there is no shovel to fall in. But, they don't carry macadamia nuts.

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    1. re: Flexitarian

      I get mine at Costco, in big cans, but they are very salted, which is obviously a marketing ploy because it makes them disappear fast.

      I might have seen the unsalted ones at Whole Foods but am not entirely sure.

      1. re: vil

        Thanks, I haven't seen them at Costco but am heading to the North York one today. I put them in my morning oatmeal as a part of my 8 nut & 7 seed mixture so don't want them salted. I'll ask at Whole Foods tomorrow but haven't seem them there before either.

    2. Roasted Nut Factory 2399 Cawthra Rd sells the best nuts in the city if you ask me. They are super nice there - I am sure they will get them from the back warehouse for you. Most of the nuts are available with and without salt but I cannot speak for the macs. Their cashews are insanely good!

      1. Big Carrot actually does sell small bags of raw unsalted macadamia nuts but they're in the small fridge in the produce section, not with the bulk foods.

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        1. re: peppermint pate

          Thanks. I'll take a look as I go to the Big Carrot all the time. I just never realized to look in the small fridge. I take it that raw unsalted unroasted Macadamia nuts have to be refrigerated?

          I went to Costco today and found that they had dry roasted macadamia nuts with sea salt and decided, at least this time, that I could stand having salted nuts as one of the nuts in my oatmeal. But, wow, they were $17.99 + HST for 680g for $12.03/lb. Now, Costco has the best prices except the occasional time another retailer has something on sale, but I wonder if I can get them cheaper anywhere else.

          1. re: Flexitarian

            They seem to keep all their (organic) raw nuts in the fridge - not sure why. Maybe it extends the shelf life, I don't know, but I keep mine out of the fridge once they're home and I've never had any spoilage issues (possibly because one of my chowpups devours them in a flash). And they're expensive - $42.99/kg.

            1. re: peppermint pate

              Yikes, that's $19.54 a pound, about 50% more than Costco, but they are not salted and they are organic.

              1. re: Flexitarian

                I know - I tend not to focus on the bulk price and instead think of it as a $5 snack for my kids. I'd be fine with a non-organic version but that's all they have. I wonder about Bulk Barn?

                1. re: peppermint pate

                  I'm going to take a look and post my findings. There's one on Laird now across from the Longo's. The only thing I don't like about those Bulk Barn places is that when you open the lid anyone can just stick their dirty little fingers in.

            2. re: Flexitarian

              That is the one I get, and yes, the price put them in the league of luxury snacks.

              Did you like them? I find that mixing them with other unsalted nuts, to allow some of the salt to rub off to them, makes the saltiness more acceptable for me.

              1. re: vil

                Yes, the Costco ones taste great. Given they are a part of my 8-nut mixture that I use a tablespoon of in my oatmeal each morning (along with a ground tablespoon of my 8-seed mixture), the salt is barely noticed. But still, I like to limit my salt intake unless it's enhances the food I am eating. But, I tend to go for organic food so will have to think about whether I want to pay the higher Big Carrot price. In doing my research I found out that the macadamia tree is not native to Hawaii but actually was first imported from Australia in the early part of the 20th century and was able to produce a high quality nut after years of selective breeding. Apparently many Hawaiian macadamia nut suppliers mix in some less expensive Australian macadamia nuts into their nuts, but Costco's Kirkland Mauna Loa brand says right on the package that they are grown in Hawaii (if one believes them). The company is owned by Hershey's now and I checked the Mauna Loa website and Costco's price here in Toronto is less expensive than their price without the shipping cost. So, it's a very good deal.

          2. I can't remember the price, but I remember seeing macadamia nuts (raw and unsalted I believe) at Ambrosia on Doncaster Ave. I don't think they have them all the time, but perhaps you could call and ask. Mmmm, macadamia nuts . . .

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