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Dec 31, 2012 06:50 PM

Kosher reislings/gewurtzraminers, and the lack thereof

For a recent Shabbos dinner, I wanted a reisling/gewurtz type wine, and when I went to my local kosher wineseller, the only thing they had was a Willg Riesling 2008. I bought it because I've had good expediences with the Willg Gewurtzraminier, but when I opened and tasted it, I was sorely disappointed. The wine was very acidic, almost sour, with absolutely none of the floral bouquet that I expect from this kind f wine.

Some years ago, I could find at least two brands of kosher Alsatians wines in my local retail source -- Willg and Abrabanel. For some reason Abarbanel has disappeared, and now I can't seem to find any kosher Gewurztraminer. Is there somtething going on in the kosher wine business that I'm not aware of? Also, are there any German manufacturers of kosher wine? There must of been before WW2, and it's been over 65 years since the end of the war, and the Jews have returned to Germany. And are there any kosher producers in the Finger Lakes? There are some pretty nice reislings made there, too.

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  1. Hagafen makes a very good one.

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    1. The Abarbanel appears to still be around: has several gewurztraminer's but they're not from Alsace, they just use gewurz' grapes:

      1. There aren't any kosher wineries in the Finger Lakes. The Kedem winery is in Ulster County though (I don't think they make any Rieslings).

        1. In the short term, there's nothing I can do. In the longer term, I'm working to resurrect my wine biz, and one of the first things I get (as opposed to grow) will be some of those types of varieties. In fact, my old grower, who had pulled his Gewurz, is replanting just for me (but that will take a while).

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            Very happy to hear that you are working to resurrect the biz. My wife's cousin was asking about if your wines were still available after I shared a bottle of cab with them a few years back.

          2. Queen Ann Liquor in Teaneck, New Jersey has a large selectionof Kosher and Israeli wines.
            They have an online shop and ship.