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Dec 31, 2012 06:24 PM

Help! Top Notch Chinese Needed

As snowbirds that just moved into the Boynton Beach area we are looking for a really good Chinese restaurant in the area. Willing to drive as well. Based on recent reviews we just tried Uncle Tia's in Boca. Overpriced and overrated! We've had better takeout in the NY/NJ area. Especially looking for a place with Peking Duck. Thanks for the help.

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  1. uncle joes on northlake and military in palm beach gardens nuff said


      I've always liked this place and it's not far from you. They do the dim sum carts on weekends if I remember correctly.

      1. Have you tried Shanghai Gardens in Boynton?

        There is also a thread with what sounds like a promising lead on a Cantonese roast meat restaurant further south, King Palace:

        I am also spending time here this winter and would love to find a reliable Chinese restaurant. Flushing is our usual territory for Chinese fare back home, so I'm prepped for disappointment, but will continue to search!

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          We are snowbirds from Toronto and we do know and appreciate good Chinese Food...we discovered King Palace 2 years ago and have only experienced terrific food and wonderful service at this place......we tried Chef Ho and there simply is no comparison....King Palace is the 'real deal'!!

        2. You can get Peking duck at China Garden in Delray. It does not have to be ordered in advance. The rest of the menu is NY Cantonese. Shanghai Garden in Boynton is very good. They have two menus, one for Americans and one for Chinese. The Chinese menu is very good and is translated into English. Grand Lake in West Palm Beach is, also, very good and quite authentic. Most of the Chinese restaurants in Boynton are mediocre at best. What did you not like about Uncle Tai's. What did you order? We have been eating there for thirty years. We started when they were in NY. You have to know how to order, because the food is very toned down for the early bird crowd.

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            Thanks for the info. I had a spring roll appetizer, although the outside was crispy the inside was totally mushy. My husband had the Szechuan dumplings....3 on the plate. Never experienced that amount before. He ordered the General Tso's chicken which consisted of 85% water chestnuts and small amount of diced pieces of chicken. Needless to say he was very disappointed in the dish. I had one of the evening shrimp specials which was ok. We ordered off the regular menu, not the early bird one. We've eaten in many excellent Chinese restaurants before and were very disappointed in this one. The prices charged did not meet the food quality, that is what was disappointing.

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              You should go back and order the whole crispy fish in Hunan sauce and Uncle Tai's beef. Both are very good. You can have them alter the spice.

          2. Had a very good meal at Pine Court Chinese Bistro in Sunrise recently. I also like Chef Philip Ho but more for dim sum than dinner. Hear good things about King Palace in NMB but haven't been yet.

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              Just moved over the weekend needed to restock my supplies @ New York Mart stopped into Pine Court bistro for dinner. Lobster over vermicelli and beef chow fun both excellant!