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Help! Top Notch Chinese Needed

As snowbirds that just moved into the Boynton Beach area we are looking for a really good Chinese restaurant in the area. Willing to drive as well. Based on recent reviews we just tried Uncle Tia's in Boca. Overpriced and overrated! We've had better takeout in the NY/NJ area. Especially looking for a place with Peking Duck. Thanks for the help.

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  1. uncle joes on northlake and military in palm beach gardens nuff said

    1. http://www.chinadumplings.com/

      I've always liked this place and it's not far from you. They do the dim sum carts on weekends if I remember correctly.

      1. Have you tried Shanghai Gardens in Boynton?


        There is also a thread with what sounds like a promising lead on a Cantonese roast meat restaurant further south, King Palace:


        I am also spending time here this winter and would love to find a reliable Chinese restaurant. Flushing is our usual territory for Chinese fare back home, so I'm prepped for disappointment, but will continue to search!

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          We are snowbirds from Toronto and we do know and appreciate good Chinese Food...we discovered King Palace 2 years ago and have only experienced terrific food and wonderful service at this place......we tried Chef Ho and there simply is no comparison....King Palace is the 'real deal'!!

        2. You can get Peking duck at China Garden in Delray. It does not have to be ordered in advance. The rest of the menu is NY Cantonese. Shanghai Garden in Boynton is very good. They have two menus, one for Americans and one for Chinese. The Chinese menu is very good and is translated into English. Grand Lake in West Palm Beach is, also, very good and quite authentic. Most of the Chinese restaurants in Boynton are mediocre at best. What did you not like about Uncle Tai's. What did you order? We have been eating there for thirty years. We started when they were in NY. You have to know how to order, because the food is very toned down for the early bird crowd.

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            Thanks for the info. I had a spring roll appetizer, although the outside was crispy the inside was totally mushy. My husband had the Szechuan dumplings....3 on the plate. Never experienced that amount before. He ordered the General Tso's chicken which consisted of 85% water chestnuts and small amount of diced pieces of chicken. Needless to say he was very disappointed in the dish. I had one of the evening shrimp specials which was ok. We ordered off the regular menu, not the early bird one. We've eaten in many excellent Chinese restaurants before and were very disappointed in this one. The prices charged did not meet the food quality, that is what was disappointing.

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              You should go back and order the whole crispy fish in Hunan sauce and Uncle Tai's beef. Both are very good. You can have them alter the spice.

          2. Had a very good meal at Pine Court Chinese Bistro in Sunrise recently. I also like Chef Philip Ho but more for dim sum than dinner. Hear good things about King Palace in NMB but haven't been yet.

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              Just moved over the weekend needed to restock my supplies @ New York Mart stopped into Pine Court bistro for dinner. Lobster over vermicelli and beef chow fun both excellant!

            2. New and updates threads are always good. But suggest you search this board for "Chinese".

              You'll find many threads - many of them recent - on best Chinese in Boynton area, Broward, etc.

              Most will feature many of the same restaurant names over and over. None to date included the place you did not care for as far as I can tell.

              You can start, for example, here


              For more, search for Chinese in the search box on top right.

              1. Without having to travel, your best bet is China Dumpling.

                1. Im sorry to say, if you are looking for NY Chinese food down here, you arent going to get it, you might get close. One of the better ones I have found is In Delray Beach called Hunan Garden on Military and Linton Blvd, South East Corner,

                  Otherwise, I head south to either Silver Pond, or Hong Kong City,...

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                    Sam: I think you are correct. From what I've seen, local Chinese restaurants are not even going to come close to pleasing anyone used to eating in the Chinatowns of large urban areas. And even a look at the online menu of Hunan Garden on Military, for example, will convince anyone familiar with Hunan cuisine that they are not going to find it there. (although perhaps the online menu is misleading).

                    I'm guessing that people used to eating in suburban areas up north might find places that are pleasing. But if one is seeking "authentic" Chinese food, best to wait until one is back in LA, Flushing, or Toronto.

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                      There is a difference between NY Chinese food and authen-
                      tic Chinese food. Most of the restaurants down here, e.g.,
                      China Dumpling, Gary Woo and China Garden cook what could be considered NY Chinese. Lobster Cantonese, Shrimp in Lobster Sauce, etc.. These are not authentic by any stretch of the imagination. The only authentic food I have found is Shanghai Garden (only the Chinese menu) and Silver Pond. You will never see oriental people at any of these so called NY Chinese retaurants.

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                        I'm not sure what "New York style" would mean but I suspect it would depend on from where in the NY area one hails. Restaurants in suburban Nassau County or, I suspect, in Forest Hills, can be quite different from those in a Chinese communities of Queens, for example, in Flushing, the neighborhood whose Chinese restaurants I am most familiar these days.

                        What I was seeking was the type of cooking that would draw local Asians and would be similar to the food served in restaurants in Chinese areas of New York City such as Flushing where restaurants are oriented toward one region or the other. For example, Hunan, Sichuan, or Shanghai.

                        These are examples of places that I would call "authentic," (they happen to be two personal favorites) but even though they are in NYC, I think that this is not the kind of place you would be thinking of when you use the term "NY style," correct??



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                          These are, indeed, authentic Chinese restaurants. we would be very hard pressed to find anything like this in South Florida. One can only hope that someday we will get something really authentic down here. I believe that NY Chinese is the type of food that we went out to eat every Sunday night while growing up in Brooklyn or The Bronx. NY Chinese is really a misnomer. There are great Chinese restaurants in NY from all the different Chinese provinces.

                  2. There is a chinese restaurant in west Miami.....or Little Nicaragua.....called Hong Kong....and it's on Flagler and SW107th Ave.....tucked away....next to Sedanos.......

                    I would have to say it's probably a traditional chinese restaurant that most of us are accustomed to....BUT....these folks are chinese....from CUBA.....And it did blow my mind hearing chinese folks speaking fluent spanish......

                    That said....I've dined there dozens of times over the years.....and really, really love their cashew dishes.....What I do think sets this place apart is their rice....It's fluffy...it's granular but not gummy....and it's like you taste every piece of grain.....It' the best I've ever eaten....and I've eaten in a handful of NYC chinese restaurants.....

                    By NO MEANS am I a chinese food authority.....but I really, really like this place.....It's not small....well-appointed....courteous service....and consistently good.....

                    Ft. Pierce, FL

                    PS - - the lead waiter....Robert....is also a partner....and he knows how to run the front end of that restaurant

                    1. China Pavilion in Hollywood. Legit.