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Nov 28, 2005 04:05 PM

Pinquito Beans? Lompoc?

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OK, my grandparents live in Lompoc so I've spent a reasonable amount of time there in my life. I have always been under the impression that Pinquito beans are a local specialty. In fact, I once had a lovely t-shirt. Anyway I was in the area for Turkey Day and decided to look for some. No luck. I will admit I wasn't hardcore but I really thought all I would have to do would be to ask a few people and voila but only one(!) person even knew what the heck I was talking about. So whats the deal? And does anyone have a source for next time I'm in the area?

Random aside: when I looked in the phone book for gourmet sources, Ace Hardware was listed. Of course I had to check that out and they have quite an extensive kitchen supply collection. You know, for Lompoc.

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  1. Try some of the local purveyors in Santa Maria.


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      And if that fails, S&W has them canned and they aren't half bad.....which is to say, they're pretty darned good.

    2. Try googling SuzyQ's. She is the daughter of the folks who own/used to own The Far Western Tavern, if I am correct. I just saw her SuzyQ bag of said beans in my local Solvang Market, she also sells seasonings for tri tip, etc.
      A great local history of the Santa Maria bbq- I picked it up , signed, at a local thrift- Santa Maria Style Barbeque by R.H. Tesene. Great book!

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        In Lompoc itself, try Bruces Prime Cuts on College, next to Toms Burgers. Great butcher shop and I would think a great place to look for pinquitos.

      2. any of the local supermarkets should have bulk pinquitos in the produce dept's near the onions and garlic. Probably cheaper than anything prepackaged. Spencer's Fresh Mkt is fairly close to you in Orcutt, (near Santa Maria) you may want to stop on the way in or out of Lompoc if you come from the north. Even most(ugh) Von's markets in the area carry them. Susie Q brand seasonings are ok but nothing you couldn't make up yourself if you've got onion, garlic, chili, and cumin in your cupboard. They are cute packages and I sometimes put them into goody baskets for my bean-lovin' brothers in Texas and Indiana, but at home I just use herbs from the pantry.

        1. Thanks for the help guys. If anyone else wants to check out the Suzy Q's mentioned, the website is

          1. Phipps Country Store and Farm in Pescadero has a website where you can buy pinquito beans and all sorts of other beans and legumes. Here's a link to their website:


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              Doesn't Safeway carry pinquito beans? I believe I used to buy them in SLO many years ago.