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Dec 31, 2012 03:48 PM

Costco - Marlboro - Beef Tenderloin

Not sure if I should post this here in NJ or elsewhere, but I'll start here.

Was in Costco and bought a whole Beef Tenderloin for about $75, it was roughly 6 pounds @ $12 a lb. I cut it into about 8 Steaks plus a small roast. I have a decent tail piece for the grill. I kept the chain and will attempt to cut this into pieces for skewers. That is 4-5 meals for my family of 4. Had I just gone for the already trimmed roast, it was $100, more expensive and only one meal with left overs.

Playing butcher today was fun and it was ridiculously easy to trim and cut into the specific portions that would serve my family well. I went to you tube to watch a video on how to do this, there were 100's of them. It took minimal effort and I saved some $$$$$. Thought I would pass this along.

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  1. My husband and I also learned how to butcher a beef tenderloin from You Tube. We enjoy filet and are happy to buy a nice piece like yours, which usually gives us three meals (we have 4 small children). Good tip!

    1. You can definitely get better, fresher and comparably priced beef tenderloin at Wegman's either in Manalapan or Ocean Township in Monmouth County . AND I am a Costco member.

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        Really? I have never seen Beef Tenderloin for less than $19 per lb at Wegmans. Currently I believe it is roughly $22 per lb

      2. You can get Nature's Reserve tenderloin (whole piece) at Shoprite on sale for 5.99 lb. It is usally on sale every month or two.

        Nature's reserve -

        It is free range, grass fed, hormone free Austrialian beef. I buy it and butcher it myself.


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          Joestein is right....$ 5.99 in Shoprite and I think it is great!!! I served it New Years!!

          Costco is not where I go...I go to Sam's. I have never bought a filet there, because Shoprite has always been perfect!!
          I serve it with this amazing sauce by Martha Stewart. Really for roast beef....but EVERYONE gobbles it down...with bread or anything you put in front of them!! try it! amazing!

          Here.....although I have switched the sour cream for greek one can better for you. Try it with your next beef dish!!! I love it!

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            I just want to point out that the people at Shoprite (near me at least), dont seem capable of butchering a whole tenderloin, except to make filets.

            I asked the butcher to tie up and make a large roast of the whole piece and instead of folding over the thin end to make a nice even log, he folded over the fat end resulting in giant sperm like roast.

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                Wasn't the OP's entire point about how much he enjoyed playing butcher?

                1. re: MGZ

                  I think once the thread has turned into a sperm roast it has officially become pointless!

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                  Sperm Roast!?!?!?!? Thanks for the laugh!

                  Thanks for the Shop Rite Tip, I never shop there but will be on the look out when it goes on sale.

                  One important point to make, the Costco Tenderloin is Choice. Supermarkets tend to be a grade below choice, usually select

            1. Costco which is nationwide, has the buying power so that meat suppliers HAVE TO abide by Costco's standards for quality assurance,.......tough on the smaller guys but good for the Costco customers who save a ton of money on quality beef over the year......I buy their "prime" beef and it is quality wise, the same as some better steakhouses.

              1. With due respect to others....regarding Nature's Reserve meat from Australia....I'm sorry to say I'm not a fan. I also shop @ ShopRite and and purchased it more than a few times when they have have had their sale on beef. In fact, when it first became available, it was always sold at only $3.99/lb. for the RibEye....less expensive than most other red meat cuts at the time.. So I used to purchase it for Steaks and small roasts. Today, I see the regular prices usually stamped at 8.99-9.99 per pound and at that price, there are other options that are better for my tastes.

                When it goes on sale for $4.99, I would say it could be a good value for some, but not for me. When it's on sale, the other beef is on sale as well....meaning Choice North American a couple of dollars more per pound @ $6.99. As such, I'd rather spend the extra 12 dollars per Whole Tenderloin.

                It should be noted that once in a while, usually around the holidays....ShopRite/Natures Reserve has Whole Veal Tenderloins available for purchase... A nice alternative to Pork or Beef reasonably priced at about 12-14 per whole loin.