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Dec 31, 2012 02:10 PM

Dinner for 12 next Sunday

HI everyone~

We are actually having a "no kids" dinner with a bunch of neighbors next Sunday around 5:00. There will be 12 of us but we are learning that most places will only take a reservation for 10.
Any suggestions as to a good, fun, upper scale place to go?


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  1. With that many people at a specific date/time, the primary restriction is logistical. is a better place to answer a logistical question. You can narrow the search results there for what's available to meet your preferences for neighborhood and price.

    A post on this site can then help you pick among the remaining options to get to "good, fun."

    1. I've done A LOT of Sunday night dinners where there have been over 12 of us. Where have you been looking? Also, knowing where, geographically, you'd like to have the dinner will help others on this board make recommendations.

      1. Thanks for the tip about!
        Sorry to have been so vague. We are all in Maple Grove and are looking for suburbs around here or Minneapolis.

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          At that time (5:00), I bet all 12 of you could walk in to Bachelor Farmer and have their Sunday Supper. It's a set menu only for Sunday nights. No reservations on Sunday nights. I last went at 5:30, and there was plenty of empty tables.

          Elsewhere in Minneapolis, Red Stag could accommodate a group your size. Ditto Alma (if they are not too booked).