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Dec 31, 2012 02:09 PM

Charles Phan's Vietnamese Home Cooking

I just got this book as a Christmas gift. I'd like to know if anyone has made anything from the book yet. There are beautiful pictures. I just don't know where to start. Anyone tried any of the recipes? I'm thinking of doing a stir fry dish tonight.

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  1. The only thing I've made thus far was a pretty involved dish of grilled squid stuffed with a pork/noodle/mushroom/oyster sauce filling. It's served in a spicy tomato sauce. It was absolutely delicious. Stuffing the slippery squid with the slippery noodle filling is no fun, but in the case the results were more than worth it.

    Now that the holidays are nearly past I'm ready to dive into the book again. I'm interested to hear what you cook!

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      Thanks for your reply. I love squid but I've never done it stuffed.

      I'm trying the gulf shrimp and sing qua stir fry on Page 131 tonight. It's a vegetable that I've cooked many many times before but not in the way that he describes so it will be interesting to try it his way.

    2. I got it as a gift too. I have many pages marked to try but the only thing made so far is a simple dish with scrambled egg and pork. Very easy and good.

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        What page is that one on? I love eggs!

      2. What was the name of the stir-fry dish with the beef? It was in the stir-fry section I think a couple pages after the one with the scrambled egg and pork.

        1. Wow - sounds like a good resource. I 've been wanting to get more into vietnamese cooking. The squid preparation sounds awesome. Like a mini Asian turducken.

          1. I got this cookbook as a Christmas present as well. I only tried one recipe. I believe it was the Sweet Lemon Grass Pork Chops. I followed the recipe and the amount of sugar it said in the recipe was ridiculous. I have made this dish before, an authentic Vietnamese pork chop recipe and the amount of sugar I use doesn't even come close to what Charles recommended. Not sure if this was an editor's mistake or not, but after that recipe, I decided to just use the cookbook as a general guide.