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Dec 31, 2012 02:07 PM

Dried Lime Powder

Where can I find dried lime powder?

I tried calling Trader Joes, the supermarket (Raley's), Cost Plus, Sprouts, 99 Ranch, Smart and Final.

They didn't have it.

I did find this online, but it's $18-23. Where can I find it for $5-10?

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  1. KAFFIR Lime powder or just powdered lime? Two totally difft things

    My supermarket sells powdered lime juice in the sugar area.

    I use fresh kaffir lime leaves for cooking.

    1. The Baker's Catalog (King Arthur Flour) sells it here:

      1. In Canada we have products called True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange. They are crystalized citrus, and can be added to water or cooking for flavoring.

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        1. Iranian dried lime?
          Jumbo size:
          Depending on where you are, you can certainly find this in any Iranian grocery store

          1. A product sold in my Persian (Iranian) grocery is called Ground Lemon Omani, translated to Limon Molido (ground lemon), and I don't know what the Persian writing says. When you see the whole fruit it looks like a dried-up small black lemon. It gives the characteristic flavor to Persian stew (gaymeh).Could this possibly be what you mean? If so, check out Middle Eastern grocery stores. Or my envelope of it was packed by Sadaf Foods in Los Angeles, which has a website at I paid $3.35 for 4 oz about 3 weeks ago.