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Dec 31, 2012 01:36 PM

Healthy(?) Chinese(?) Cuisine in Monterey Park

Except for our vegeterarian and Buddhists friends, Chinese food is seldom confused with healthfulness. Consequently it is interesting to see the opening of the farm to table Farm Cuisine in Monterey Park. Following TonyC's tip on the restaurant's opening, I was encouraged to see the open patio and the general upgrade over the previous tenant. But we need to ask a few questions. Is this really Chinese? Well, most of the customers and kitchen staff are Asian, and they serve won ton, Singapore curry and high vegetable content dumplings, but they really describe themselves as "American fusion" (which demonstrates a different and healthy perspective), so I guess it qualifies as Asian. Is it healthy? Lots of veggie options but with filet mignon and pork loin as featured entrees, you can easily go astray. And is it worth it to eat organic? Personally, I question if it ever is, but after paying $16 for a tough 8 oz. NY strip steak on a bed of quinoa and a side arugula spinach salad, definitely not here.

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  1. Thanks for taking one for the team, chandav. I planned on visiting for "organic" SG curry & veggie dumplings to see what the fuss is about, but you're on your own ordering a NY strip.

    NYE dining tip to others: don't go to Dalian Small Pot. Probably needs another 6 months in the vein of Silk Road.

    Happy NY, folks.

    1. Green Zone might qualify as the best "healthy" and "Chinese" in the SGV.

      1. Forgot the address - 122 W. Garvey Ave., but completely invisible from Garvey. You have to drive into the Bank of American parking lot on Garfield.

        1. it's the location that housed cue t then ace kitchen right?

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            Yes, and I believe a branch of Noodle Island somewhere in between.