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Dec 31, 2012 12:30 PM

Good Asian Restaurants Open on New Year's Day?

I'm sure Newport Seafood in the SGV is open, and they're fantastic if you can brave the lines, but anyone have any intel on other good Asian places that might be open? Would love something in Little Tokyo, or failing that, Little Osaka or Koreatown. Thanks!

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  1. All the Chinese restaurants in the SGV should be open unless Tuesday is their regular day off. Since Jan. 1 is a major holiday for the Japanese, I wouldn't be surprised to see some closures there.

    1. You might try Parks BBQ on Vermont. Went there last week and had a good time. Great food and service and a fun experience for a small group.

      1. Din Tai Fung was as bad as Disneyland on Christmas. At 230 it was still a 1.5 hour wait both the old and the new branch. Crowd was 70-80% Chinese/Taiwanese families at the new branch and 80-90% for the old branch.

        Chicken soup, pork chop with shrimp fried rice, XLB, and steamed pork and shrimp dumplings really hit the spot. Service was stunningly cheerful and friendly at 4pm (1 hour pass the 3pm closing time).

        FYI, don't go on New Year's Day unless you are prepared to wait.