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Dec 31, 2012 12:08 PM

Stop and Shop stops bag discount? Do your grocery stores offer one?

I learned today that Stop and Shop (Boston area) stopped their 5cent discount when you bring your own bags. The registers still lists it as an option but then you get a message "coupon denied". I tried a few times and then pushed the help button. The associate who came to help me told me they no longer offered but were "trying to not make a big deal about it because they don't want the publicity" and then went on to say "most people just accept the message and don't even ask", kind of implying that I was cheapskate, LOL.

They are the only ones around me that still offered the discount so I figured it might be on the way out. Do you still have it and if so where do shop and where do live?

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  1. Hmm, at our local Stop and Shop in Westchester County, NY, on Saturday, we got the discount. I hope they didn't do away with it. I know it's not much but it at least gives us a little more incentive to bring our bags.

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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      Just did my weekly shopping and they are still offering the discount at the self check out...

    2. Marsh grocery stores (Indiana) still deduct $.05 if you bring your own bag.

      1. Same story at 3 Stop and Shops I've visited recently (Milford, Fairfield and Westport,CT), only I was under the perhaps mistaken impression that it was only eliminated from the self- checkouts

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          The manager in Trumbull told me they disabled it on the self checkouts because many shoppers were claiming the discount and still using new S&S bags. The purple shirted front end employee can override the register and issue the discount

        2. Around here bags just get you points in their rewards programs where a bajillion points will get you 10 cents a gallon off a gas station that is 30 cents more than anywhere else.

          The rewards programs have all stopped anything that makes them pay out. No rewards vouchers to use towards groceries, no double coupons, etc.

          1. I've always found that the places that charge for plastic bags have a far more effective policy with getting people to bring their own bags.