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Stop and Shop stops bag discount? Do your grocery stores offer one?

I learned today that Stop and Shop (Boston area) stopped their 5cent discount when you bring your own bags. The registers still lists it as an option but then you get a message "coupon denied". I tried a few times and then pushed the help button. The associate who came to help me told me they no longer offered but were "trying to not make a big deal about it because they don't want the publicity" and then went on to say "most people just accept the message and don't even ask", kind of implying that I was cheapskate, LOL.

They are the only ones around me that still offered the discount so I figured it might be on the way out. Do you still have it and if so where do shop and where do live?

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  1. Hmm, at our local Stop and Shop in Westchester County, NY, on Saturday, we got the discount. I hope they didn't do away with it. I know it's not much but it at least gives us a little more incentive to bring our bags.

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      Just did my weekly shopping and they are still offering the discount at the self check out...

    2. Marsh grocery stores (Indiana) still deduct $.05 if you bring your own bag.

      1. Same story at 3 Stop and Shops I've visited recently (Milford, Fairfield and Westport,CT), only I was under the perhaps mistaken impression that it was only eliminated from the self- checkouts

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          The manager in Trumbull told me they disabled it on the self checkouts because many shoppers were claiming the discount and still using new S&S bags. The purple shirted front end employee can override the register and issue the discount

        2. Around here bags just get you points in their rewards programs where a bajillion points will get you 10 cents a gallon off a gas station that is 30 cents more than anywhere else.

          The rewards programs have all stopped anything that makes them pay out. No rewards vouchers to use towards groceries, no double coupons, etc.

          1. I've always found that the places that charge for plastic bags have a far more effective policy with getting people to bring their own bags.

            1. Here in central NJ I'm happy that ShopRite still gives 5-cent per bag discount if you bring your own.

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                The shoprite near me advertises the 5 cent discount. But they've always looked at me like I was nuts when I brought bags and asked for the discount

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                  2 cents here per bag at the Jersey Shore. I never bring them back bc I need them for cleaning the kitty litter.

                2. I believe it is only a change on the self-serve registers because the store is trying to prevent fraud where people claim to use their own bags, but really don't.

                  1. Errrr, I just want to say that I think people think about grocery bags "backwards".
                    By that I mean, bags (and other niceties...carts, pretty displays, nice lighting etc.) are ~never~ "free". They add costs: we all pay those costs through the prices charged for goods and services.

                    I like to pay for food. Personally, I prefer to pay for things like carts and bags separately.

                    1. Whole Foods and Target are the only ones in my area that give a discount for bringing bags. I try to remember to bring my bags, not for the discount, but because I find it is easier to carry groceries up to my apartment when I can put the bags handles over my shoulders.

                      1. Yup, no more discount in Glastonbury CT stores...was sent a notice in the mail about a month ago. I always thought it was an odd policy anyway

                        1. I'll check it out at our local Long Island S&S today.
                          The Best Yet market in town gives a 5 cent discount.

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                            Just got back and I got my 5 cent discount. I did not try the self service checkout. Maybe it's a limited thing by state?

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                              No more nickel back at S&S. Best Yet still gives us a nickel!!! I like that market better!!

                            2. Quick answer. Nope, my local supermarkets do not offer bag discount.

                              1. The large independent market where I shop most often and Whole Foods offered the nickel rebate through he end of 2012 (I don't go to the big chains like Safeway and Lucky, so don't know if they did). But I assume they've discontinued it now, as a county ban on plastic bags at grocery and drug stores went into effect on January 1, with the accompanying stipulation that if you want a paper bag, it'll cost you 10 cents. Since bringing your own is meant to be the new default I can't imagine the stores keeping the discount, though I haven't been grocery shopping yet this year.

                                1. Just got back from vacation and hit the grocery store. The manager at the Stop and Shop in Norwell, Ma said the discount has been eliminated all together, not just self check and he anticipates that most the surrounding ones will be doing the same if they have not done so already.

                                  1. In the DC area this chain is called Giant. They have been changing many policies with no announcements. They recently restricted rainchecks.

                                    1. I have noticed that I have to ask for the discount more often that I use to at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Harvest Co-Op. And at Trader Joes I have to ask for a raffle ticket (and the cashier struggles to find a pen) instead of them just handing it over.

                                      1. It's 2 /2 months later and time to bump this thread.
                                        This week I had 6 occasions to shop in Stop and Shop.

                                        Each time I used a checkout with a cashier I received the 5 cent bag credit without having to ask. The self service cash registers no longer have a screen to push for the credit, but if you ask the Purple shirted supervisor the credit will be entered.

                                        This was in both Trumbull and Bridgeport, CT locations.

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                                          lucky you! The discount is gone at all the ones I shop at-Hingham, Cohasset, Norwell as well as Edgartown and two on the Cape

                                        2. In San Francisco, the Board of Stupidvisors has decreed 'No Free Bags'. By law, the store must charge you 10c per. I frequently reduce my purchases to no more than I can carry, so this law is bad for business.

                                          1. We do not have S&S where I live but there is a large, independently owned, mostly organic grocery where I do the bulk of my shopping and they give the bag discount. No other stores where I live do.

                                            1. The main store I shop at, King Soopers (owned by Kroger) does not have a bag discount. I do produce and secondary shopping at Sprouts, and they do have the discount. Not a big deal to me either way... 5 cents doesn't put a dent in my wallet.

                                              1. I never encountered a bag discount in St. Louis Dierberg's chain. But did at the St. Louis Whole Foods. In the PNW, WinCo and Whole Foods, stores where I do the bulk of my food shopping, offer the bag discount.

                                                1. Seattle has banned plastic grocery bags, and you have to pay a nickel for paper--so it's not so much a discount as an absence of a surcharge if you bring your own bags. A few stores do still have some kind of incentive, like tickets for a weekly raffle for each reusable bag you bring in.

                                                  I had already gotten pretty good about remembering to bring my bags in from the car, but I have to say, the bag ban has gotten my attention enough that I almost never forget them now!

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                                                    Plastic bags are a blight. For every one recycled, scores more end up littering the landscape.

                                                    On a recent trip to Hawai'i we found a store that charged $0.15 for each bag, but if you brought you're own in you got a $0.10 rebate per bag! So if you re-used each bag twice you came out ahead.

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                                                      The Target where I go has huge signs on all their cart corrals reminding people to bring their bags if they have them. I think it's great because while I am in the habit of having cloth bags (I have a lot of them from trade shows) in the front seat and I still manage to forget them half the time, though I'm getting better.

                                                    2. stop and shop (hudson valley/connecticut) is ending their program in the next few weeks.

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                                                        Yep, in Westchester County here and just got something in the mail saying they are ending the rebate for bringing your own bags. We got a coupon for a free reusable bag as consolation.

                                                      2. My supermarket doesnt offer a discount as such, for using your own bags, but does credit your loyalty card with a few points. Something of a slight pisser since their "bags for life" project only lasted a few months.

                                                        Where do I shop - Sainsbury

                                                        Where do I live - north west England

                                                        1. I *think* Hannaford's offers it, and possibly Market Basket? Whole Foods does as well.

                                                          1. Some of the stores around here just simply offer bags for 5 cents a piece, rather than the other way around, discounting for bringing your own bag.

                                                            I never really understood these policies either way. I mean, even if you go shopping once a week and would typically use a few bags, we're talking a difference/savings of <$10 per year. It's not really saving the store or the consumer any money.

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                                                              I'm confused. The reusable bag law passed in Seattle (and other cities I assume) is not about economics, but the environment.

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                                                                And of course, here in Seattle, much of the funding for the campaign against the bag ban came from the chemical industry (makers of the plastic bags). They successfully shot down the ban here the first time it was passed, but it passed to stay on the second try.

                                                                What I don't understand is why more stores still haven't come out with really good-looking reusable bags bearing their logo. The only place that seems to have figured out this great advertising gimmick is Uwajimaya. I don't shop there more than every 2-3 months, but it's their bags I grab from the many I keep in my car, and carry around in the all other stores, nearly every time I shop.

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                                                                  I know Target has their logo on theirs, but otherwise I haven't really noticed because I already have a stash of bags so I don't pay attention. I'm going to have to pay more attention to the bags next time I shop.

                                                                  It got me to thinking one day when I accidentally didn't pay for something because I had more than enough bags and the item in question shifted underneath in the cart (yes I went back to pay for it). But since nobody stopped me, I wonder if they have any safeguards against stuff like that. I've learned so now I check, but it would be so easy to rip stuff off.

                                                            2. My local Stop and Shop in Franklin Park, NJ, recently stopped offering the 5 cent discount.

                                                              1. All the Whole Foods I've been to in the Boston area still give the five cent credit.